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December 2008 – Electrostatic Activity

Cheers & Greetings to You!

My aim is to bring you timely observations about the energetic trends that are affecting people and circumstances in a broader context. This message, which I intended to send in January, just couldn’t wait.

What has been noticed lately is the weighty nature of the energetics. I was quite concerned at first, but not being one interested in creating a sensationalistic frenzy, I kept it to myself (mostly). All with whom I spoke verified my concerns, but still not wanting to create a self-fulfilling prophecy I watched and waited because it didn’t feel quite right through all of the dimensional layers. Then the last piece clicked into place.

In 3D we have all of what we understand to be our consequences, in density. I would typically expect weighty energies due to the natural seasonal trends created by the masses having the same holiday geared focus and all that entails. However that wasn’t lining up with the circumstances.

What was drawing my attention was all of the electrostatic activity. Holy magnetics! At first I thought poltergeist, but it lacked personality and although many a ghost buster knows that electricity is a prime communication / mischief hallmark, it just wasn’t spot on. I’m talking about devices turning off and on and that sort of thing. It was the result of the changing personal energetic fields.

The other stand-alone trend is that of real change. I’m not talking of 4D changing minds or transient emotions, I’m talking about job change; physical moves and on the flip side mental turbulence and emotional struggle that isn’t linked to the season. It has more of a quality of timeliness. It isn’t a ‘wake up call’ from spirit; its just time to make soul choices that have a lower vibrational expression. To me, that’s the aim of life.

As an opportunity energy, which is useable in real life, it seems to have started in October. The build up came with 2008 as a year in general, and the ‘normal’ window of opportunity for change beginning in November and has a feel of continuity into the end of the year – which is why I wanted to get this newsletter out before 2009 began.

The nice thing about this is that although there is the 4D mental / emotional turbulence, it completely dissolves once the appropriate connections are made and actions taken. This seems to be completely unique to each person. I mentioned job shifts before, but I’ve also seen pivotal dreams, initiatory processes with physical consequences, and a renewal or deepening of self-awareness. There seems to be a shedding of layers of the false understanding / existing which are easily discarded with the awakening of the new truth. The nature of this truth doesn’t even need to have full conscious understanding in that one can say, “Oh, this is the way it is? Okay.” I’ve seen people just start living by new rules that slip gracefully into their lives resulting in a tangible improvement in quality of life.

If I had to name this shift, I would call it the “Making It Real Trend.” In my opinion, reality isn’t meant to be tough even if we have to make tough choices. It isn’t meant to be a walk in the park, even though we can. It’s meant to be additive, appreciative, explorative and enfolding in nature and all that that involves. We color it with our opinions; share and compare notes. We honor ourselves and our journey and that same focus in others. We obey multidimensional laws like gravity and free will, and we celebrate that in others.

I have a funny short story involving the nature of the ‘hard path’. I was at home and had to choose whether or not to go and meet my father. I’d had repeated ‘warnings’ from a friend to do with the speed of my existence – I move fast. She’s not judgmental, just observant. I had the thought that I needed to get going because the police would probably stop me. So I left and zoomed down the highway only to be pulled over by not just one, but six police cars! They had just come from an official escort and let me off with a warning. I still made it to meet my dad on time. Six is a number with one meaning being, “Smarten up and realign your focus to Spirit.” What is the point of rushing in time if spirit is timeless? You still have to honor your commitments to others, but why stress yourself out by over committing? How will you use time?

This is a minor personal example demonstrating the nature of ease and grace. I could have chosen the easy path. Not speeding. I chose a hard way and make no mistake, there is more than one difficult path: I could have gotten the $250 ticket. I could have had an accident… But I would like to compare this to something where there isn’t judgment as to the right and wrong of it (because speeding is illegal). Why do people climb mountains when they could more easily take a helicopter to the top? A mountaineer wouldn’t get as much out of a heli-ride. A heli-pilot wouldn’t get as much out of a climb.

We are all unique and our path choices have to be as unique… and that’s why we honor each others choices even if it doesn’t make sense to us. This is why we share and compare notes. This is also why we can’t take anybody’s word as the law even if they have very many great ideas. We take the very best of what makes sense to us and live it. That is what I’ve seen coming to a head right now. That is what I wanted to share.

Please contact me if you want to voice your observations and / or let me know if this is in keeping with your personal experiences. Maybe there is more that I’ve missed, maybe I’m off base.

We will work this out together with your input guiding the tone and content. As a group energy, you very probably will become one of my ‘first alerts’ and energetic compass for orientation.

Blessings and Joy to you.

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