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January 2009 – Resolution: Congruence

I was almost trying to avoid sending a note at the beginning of January because as a subscriber to many newsletters I was inundated with Happy New Year wishes. I’m happy that others are sending out positivity, however aside from the fireworks – which I love, I don’t subscribe to January first as the start of my year. The start of my year is in September and it ends at the end of June. July and August are a void and I’m sure this is a carry over from my childhood programming. That said, I wish you a Happy New Year. (I might just repeat that in September.)

Congruence and the Onion Skin

The latest clear trend that has come to the forefront in my awareness is influenced by this New Year. The trend has to do with the build up of incongruity contrasted by the effortlessness of being in synchronicity. I have been noticing it flowing right off of the energies I wrote about last letter: that of concrete change.

The New Year transition and its rituals act in interesting ways. It is an opportunity to reflect on the past year and affirm the new; more often though, I notice people regretting the past, picking themselves apart and then using that fuel to set up the next year. Also, and more critical to this energetic trend, people will set up delays for themselves around social and seasonal markers. Instead of, “We’ll see what the New Year brings…” How about, “I am going to set and take action on my desired direction, now.”

Small example: I’ll wait to start my health regime in January. Lack of personal conviction sends mixed messages to Spirit setting your new affirmation in the ‘maybe’ category. This builds up as auric congestion affecting your chakras. Consequence: you exercise for a month then fall off the bandwagon. This is why I opt out and set affirmations whenever I choose as Spirit guides me. I chose a small example, however I’ve been witness to financial crisis, family feuding and career questioning.

The root? People maintain illusion in different ways. If Truth is a statue in the middle of the room:?- some will pretend they it isn’t there and others will claim that it is something it isn’t;?- some will honestly not be able to see it and others will look out the window; ?- some will try to build a new statue and others will devise an intricate path around the room to get to the middle.?(it actually sits at your core)??It isn’t too late for those that missed the optimal window of time; it’s just harder to make the shift because there is increased pressure created by time for those who aren’t centered. The contrasts are more glaring and are becoming unavoidable in practical reality. It kind of reminds me of a trend I saw last summer which could be summed up as, “Boldly and honestly go forth and be Yourself!”

Depending on your issue and your soul path, the rebalancing resembles to me a person standing on a wobble board. If that above statement was heeded in earnestness, not much wobble now. If it was tougher to find yourself in honesty (and those with whom you associate because they influence us + / -), there is a lot of wobble and some have fallen off. That’s okay, but what can you do? Reflect inward. Get an accurate compass reading then take your first steps.

Because you are part of the Divine All, there is always a solution. Even though we all have our personal life lens and our illusions, we never run out of chances and opportunities to do our best. Start again from where you are now, whatever your circumstances. Like it or lump it, Now is the only functional reality we have. Orient yourself as best you can then simply do your best while being true to yourself and the reality you wish to create. Engage an expert: financial, career and psychological counselors are in business for a reason. You are not alone.

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