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February 2009 – Go with the Flow

The energies and events still feel like they are settling out and I have to maintain my recommendation from the last newsletter to ‘stay present and ride the wave.’ As I’m sure you know, there are many forms of meditation and the kind of headspace that I usually compare to athletes is, in my opinion, the way to go (as opposed to guided visualizations or something else way out there and esoteric).

The gist of the fears I’ve been hearing is that people are worried about missing out or that they have missed out which is kicking up a cloud of dust that I haven’t really seen on this scale before. They are trying to make up for this feeling by heading for the clouds to try to seek out the larger meaning or using their personality to beat themselves up.

Whoa! Back up the buggy. It is the *very* rare individual who can meditate their way to happiness and fulfillment – use it as one of many tools in your belt. Approach ‘transcendent time’ in *this moment*. Our ‘now’ space holds so many treasures and we need to be here to make choices and have experiences.

Go with the Flow

Now that we know what’s going on, my next question is always, “…but what does it mean? to me? to others? to my perception of the universe?”

I see rainbow lightning through 4D. Excellent!! This is representative of many effects in many ways all coming down through the archetypal-autopilot zone of refracted time. This is atypical based on my observations and since one might assume that this is happening all the time, I should share that I have watched this on an individual level, but this is the first time I’ve noticed it on a broad scale.

It’s conductive, quick and energizing. I expect fast transformation, inspiration, and jolts of new news to my current perception of reality and I will prepare for rapid redirection.

The above is a positive way to frame it and choice of how to channel it based on the assumption that there will be need of lightening rods. Alternately you could interpret it ‘negatively’. Really though (and by that I mean 3D) there will always be the flip side since it is dualistic down here.

1) Lightning strike: New news, insights & epiphanies (and more)

2) Rapid change: Stranger in a strange land feeling (to reference Heinlein), feeling out of sorts / control, feeling of exhilaration

3) Refusal: My world is just unchanged. Although there is progressive flow, each minute is unique!

4) Perspective: a & b

a) Time abuse (regrets and illusion) or as a tool (I’m here now, I’m moving over here).

b) Personality: archetypal overindulgence rather than as a tool of expression. (I’m the worst! or I’m the answer to humanity!)

Important side note: Although in no way restricted to this circumstance, one way to remain the most ‘gracefully affected’ is to be present and aware. Lightening rods are *grounded* for a reason.

You can’t have a coin with only one side. Negative is just an opposite to positive which, when dealing with emotion and thought, are both subjective. As an example: I’ve experienced some very negative circumstances which now add positively to my frame of reference and appreciation of life.

What you can do, no matter what your circumstances, is choose to look and act from a place of empowerment. “I choose to see clearly so that I can make the best decisions in moving forward in all aspects of my life.” The Divine sees beyond your archetypes, fears and posturing to the REAL you, no matter what you think about your current state – it is an aspect of Grace.

The time guideline: The first big push is happening. Although I noticed it in full force just prior to this last weekend, I see three months forward for the full fade out effect. Prior to that ‘end point’, the things you choose and invoke for your life will begin to kick into gear with a new trend. That process looks like it could use some Blessing as it resembles learning how to drive with a stick shift. Remember that Spirit is *always* ready and willing to assist. Be prepared, once you ask, for that to come in creative ways! Don’t forget to breathe…

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