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March 2009 – The Sea of We

This might seem strange, but I got the message to write this, but I have no kernel as to the shiny new topic. My strategy is to blather on until something useful comes out, then make massive edits. I thought of drawing references to the full moon and new beginnings, the emergence of spring and the fullness of life… It sounds false to me too. I wouldn’t really want to go there since those aren’t my specialty. Ah, now we get to the crux of it – what is it that I do? I reference your biggest truest self and this Real You in the context of your life. Huh, I almost forgot.

The Sea of We

There is, in fact, emerging energy that comes with spring. It is an aspect of the earth energy that even astronauts can’t avoid forever. Because we can count on it, I usually relegate that to “underlying influence” rather than hold it front and center. This doesn’t mean we ignore or act in spite of it, but it gives us a supportive reference for this moment.

I sat annoyed for a few moments at being prompted to write and once I got over myself, I could see that the hallmark energies for us have to do with a blending of the third and fourth personal energy centers. Although I’m not always given the full forward effect (where would the fun be in that?), it is now quite clear as to why the emphasis in the last couple of newsletters has been coaching to maintain your physical presence. You cannot sustain an increased opening of the heart with appreciative benefit to the solar plexus unless you have a strong sense of you. Hence the “be you, be now, ride the wave” message. I believe that the first two parts of that are important all of the time (be you, be now) and the last part was the supportive advice for the trend (ride the wave).

The rainbow sheet lightning referenced in the last newsletter acted pretty much as I expected it to do and I’m pleased with the growth I’ve seen both in myself and others. I feel another wave coming, but its nature is different. ??I’m watching support build for an action phase and this is where you’ll need to take all of your building blocks and do something with them. I suggest laying a foundation (or building on the foundations you’ve already laid) as I watch another integration develop over the next two months. This one involves the heart with second chakra then heart with root.

We all have a personal context that we reference in our relationships both with individuals and groups. Remember they are distinct, just as you are distinct and you need to maintain your sense of self through it all. I see a two-part process of maintaining individuality while allowing mass support that can feel tougher than it actually is… remember you have the strength to be you!

If you feel like you missed the boat or point or whatever, the last window isn’t closed yet regarding the heart integration, and beyond that, there is never a better time than *now* to get to know yourself better. Investigate and invest in yourself. Reflect on your wisdom gained and perspectives available. Are you centered for your best possible outcomes?

This is all about you in what I’ve decided to call the Sea of We: relationships – the 1:1 of the second chakra and the 1:many of the root.

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