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April 2009 – Emergence

The sun is shining!

Wow, I finally feel like we’re through the bulk of the last energetic shift. It lasted quite a long time and this last hurdle was quite a challenge. I’ve fielded a lot of emergency calls within the last 10 days, but I don’t think this ‘wind up’ should last too much longer. It’s like we’re coasting to shore after riding a big wave and people are almost needing to check in to assess their bearings again because they have changed and so has the landscape of their lives.

Clearing and Building

As we are moving forward, there is still evidence of significant change, but it should be easier now than if these changes were presented to you before all of the growth that occurred through the winter. The key to the ease is self-knowledge; hence the heart / solar plexus aligning I mentioned last newsletter. Know yourself, honor yourself and with good will, confidence and boldness offer that to the world.

In offering *your* skills, insights, presence, gifts or smiles to the world, you will reinforce the development of the heart / sacral & root chakra aligning. This is part of the ‘foundational work’ for the action phase emerging as previously discussed.

What does that mean practically speaking? Things to consider in conducting your life:

– hold the door with a smile for a stranger

– with goodwill and an open heart, discuss your relationship with your loved one(s)

– go through old papers and shred or recycle or both

– volunteer or choose to spend more quality time where it matters most in your life

– do not minimize your contributions *you are the only person who can deliver your Divine message (it’s not arrogance when done with love

– your self deprecation serves nobody. Note: chakra 3, solar plexus)

Future stuff: Make plans, but write them in pencil, not stone so that you can allow for Divine collaboration. When I move into an action phase, I sketch out a plan then hand it over to the Divine for refinement or rejection. I’ve given a personal example prayer below. It’s not very sophisticated, but I take it for granted that there is Divine timing, wisdom, assistance, compassion, love and a plan and that the Divine is totally willing to work with me.

“Dear God, I would like to win a million bucks in the lottery, but I understand that you may have better plans for me and I’m alright with that. Thanks for the ride, this life has been a real rollercoaster and I know there’s lots more fun to come. I know that revealing too much of the future would spoil the surprise, but I wouldn’t mind a hint; you know I shake my birthday presents, too. I’d like world peace and I know that’s a tall order given the strife around the globe, so maybe clearly point out my own small opportunities to activate it here and now… I’m alright with bigger opportunities if you think I can handle it; just show me the way. Thanks, Nina”

I let my insecurities speak as well as my dreams because I’m human and there’s no such thing as holding your cards close to your chest when you’re at the table with the Divine. Sometimes I say nothing at all and imagine myself being held in a giant Divine hand. Sometimes I rant to get things off my chest and other times I listen to Divine or inspired teachings or just be quiet.

You may have better or different ways to center yourself, but the aim is to strengthen your inner relationship with deeper and deeper aspects of yourself. It is in this way that you achieve more fulfillment and confidence, and can see everyday miracles such as time synchronicities. This is impossible if you are distracted with worry of what others will think when you are taking heart felt action in the world. In that case, you will end up feeling misunderstood, not fulfilled. (note other people: chakra 1, root & 2, sacral)

I appreciate your feedback about how understandable and useable this information is and to that end, and honor of the emerging energies of ‘heart blending with community.’

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