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May 7, 2009 – Feedback Request

May 07 / 09 – Feedback request

There has been some pretty profound movement within the last 24 hours and since you are a more focused group of individuals with intuition, spirituality and self-awareness I want to request your impressions of personal events within this timeframe and if there was any lead up.

Drop of Water

I chose this water outline for my email note because it is exactly my impression. I went through a ‘thinking’ period for the last 5 days, which feels (felt) like a drop of water falling and then an event.

I’ll share details later if you are interested; not much to tell though as most of you know that the energetic reverberations can seem like a gong to me when the real event is like tapping on a thimble. I have to say that I’m much more impressed with the last topic now though, more so than when I sent it out (although your feedback for that was great.)??I checked it out on the grid and it looks like a one-off type of thing as opposed to a rocky road scenario. My current view shows me that it starts with you and my sense is that it’s unique to each person, which is why I’m asking for feedback. Pure curiosity!

It seems like there will be consequences… but although I choose to describe it like a drop of water in a still pond, for some it might be more like sonar, or some other expression. Same pattern, different {interpretation / gifts / levels of subtlety} – if anything at all.

My recommendation is to breathe and thank the Divine for miracles – large and small. (and don’t forget that the Breath of Life is a miracle)

I would appreciate feedback on whether you’re okay with getting this type of ‘alert’ or would rather keep up with the monthly style. Having said that, I’m can’t predict random ‘alerts’ either.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of this life system. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

May 2009 – Past, Present, Future

I’ve been watching and feeling the grid and we’ve come through the last month pretty well. Recently I’ve only had a few urgent requests and they all seemed to be related to the concept of redirection. I find that the entire theme of this letter is relating to the concept of time. To paraphrase the feedback: “When is the action phase coming in?”

Timing and Action

The long version: (I hear you laughing… I rarely have any other version, I know)

* 3D: Let’s start from where we are now. Say you have an idea (4D) and you don’t know when to implement it. This idea can be a relationship conversation, business plan, interest in a hobby…

* From a practical *common sense* approach, you need to assess:

1)What & How: What are the details of the plan? What are my motivations? What are the impacts of my plan?…How do I best proceed?

2)Who & How: Who will be impacted? Who can support me? Who am I serving?…How do I best proceed?

3)Where & How: Where are the interested collaborators? Where is my motivation coming from? Is my location appropriate?… How do I best proceed?

4)Why & How: Why am I doing this? Why would others support me?… How do I best proceed?

5)When & How: When is it best to wait or move forward or research? How do I best proceed?

All of the pieces are important. You can’t skip any step because that’s where people get into trouble. “Because it feels right or I want to,” simply aren’t valid answers on their own. You have to have a bulk of answers to motivate the energy. Sometimes it looks like it happens instantaneously, but in breaking it down, it just happens so rapidly you don’t notice. Time is quite subjective and each person’s rhythm is unique.

Because we have choice in 3/4D and the aim is to move forward with the 5D higher self support, the question of deeper *personal honesty* is more important:

– Are you desperate? (This will polarize people against you)

– Are you disillusioned? (People might not see you or they will just shake their heads at you.)

– Are you dissatisfied with where you are right now? (People follow passion, not irresponsibility

– actually some will, but they won’t be good supporters.)

– Are you fantasizing? (An ungrounded and impractical approach will make it difficult to take the first step.)

Whether or not you are in alignment with your soul map and have the support of the Divine is not really the question because that is always present and unconditional. The Divine perspective might be, “Oh, you want to take the hard way? That’s fine, We totally support you. There are alternates, but We respect your freedom of choice.”

I have watched people try to meditate their way to manifestation. I’ve watched people try to be present without doing anything. I’ve seen people do the same thing over and over with the same undesired result. You need to be deliberate and take responsibility in your life and that means looking at the big and small scale of it all (or consulting someone who can) then doing something. That might mean proceeding or scrapping the plan and starting again.

There is a time to take action at *each step* in the process. Energetically it looks like an undulation, rhythm or a wave to me: Go inward and reflect then go outward and share. There are different levels of undulations for your personality: personal, friend & family groups, your city, country… In real life that looks like your age & stage in life, family crisis / support, the economy both local and global; and you need consideration of all of that. It may be a good idea to focus on paying off debt and a bad idea to quit your job so you can meditate 5 hours a day to invoke Divine intervention.

The short version:

Every moment is the moment to act. Even if you make the small choice to sit and actively enjoy the shining sun or make a large choice to change careers.

Note: Work on activating gratitude in the present moment. As an exercise, I chose to find a personal miracle every day, for example. I have found that shifting my perception in such a small way has created some dramatic results for me. It’s not hard, and you can do it too in your own way.

I recognize that there is increasing demand for a sense of community as well as the development of awareness and self-empowerment. In investigating how to best make that happen, I’m developing projects that are focused on internet events and regular local live events. I’ll update my website as they come about.

I will continue with your question submissions as it really seemed to be on the mark as far as the energetic trends and relating to a good deal of the content that came to me independently. I love your input anyway, so please feel free to submit a question or comment and again I will focus on the predominant theme. I won’t publish your identity if you would prefer, just be specific when sending me a note.

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