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June 2009 – The End Leads to the Beginning

Thank you for the amazing response to my feedback request. I’m glad I asked! Some examples:

1) Uncharacteristic extreme fear overcome with the help of an energetic practitioner

2) “…my niece’s angel had a message a couple of nights ago. The message was that there was a band of energy surrounding the earth and was moving today. It has something to do with 2012 – she’s 9 and wasn’t interested in elaborating. Nina, your message came the next day.”

3) Another friend’s mother had a stroke that was completely machine scanned and doctor diagnosed with multiple symptoms. She was signed up for a research program and had all of the same scans done again the next day. In the interim, my friend had channeled hours of healing. Second scan results? There was no evidence of stroke and she was discharged from hospital.

That was quite some drop of water. Thank you all for honoring me with your experiences.

Nearing the End leading to the Beginning

In January I told you that it wasn’t the beginning of the New Year for me. That time in school that they spent training us has been reinforced with my kids. June is the official end for me.

Strangely, there is a beginning that occurs around Feb / March which is out of synch with the above and every year a new revelation comes to me as to the tone / theme of that cycle. This year: community.

The essence of the above, since it isn’t apparent from my writing, is that you need to be in rhythm with your life. The other important point is that you have to *act* in congruence with what you know while being open to change.

Why am I saying this to you? It’s because I’m observing fast changing times, panic, uncertainty and self distrust. Of what I’m observing, a good portion can be mitigated.

As with my personal examples above, we never operate with just one timeline and to try to make that happen leads to a feeling of having compromised yourself if not in the moment, then ultimately… which I tend to see in the form of crisis.

Energetically it looks like many hoola hoops around you. This is significant because each hoop has its own orbit and pace and creates a distortion in your field. How do you juggle it all? The key is to remember that the common reference point for all of them is *YOU.*

No matter how hard you wiggle and gyrate, they will drop simply because you will eventually have to have a break. Instead of catering to each hoop, reflect inward. When you go inward with your compassion and honesty (notice I didn’t say critical thought), you will find the stillness of your presence. From there you ask yourself what you’d like to do / create. From there you act. Easy.

Easy?! Ummm… not so much. Well, it is and it isn’t.

* It is * once you get used to honoring your insights and acting on them in alignment with a fulfilling truth.

* It isn’t * because you can feel motivated to make changes that start your world moving in unexpected directions which can provoke the comfort levels of those surrounding you as well as working with your personal doubt. Double whammy.

To work with your mental body, you might want to reflect on how well your current plans are working and where they could use tweaking. If things are bad, what can you do to make them better? If things are good, what can you do to make them great?

If you take one small step at a time, you’ll have travelled a mile before you know it. It sort of reminds me of my ski instructor days. Once I miscalculated the bravery of a student and took her to the top of the bunny hill. She declared that she would never make it down. After recovering from my astonishment, I gave her the same advice by asking her to make one turn the way we’d practiced at the bottom. She did and stopped. Again and again she made one turn until she could link them together and it was with pride that she looked back up the hill. It could have gone really bad, but it didn’t. You too can face seemingly insurmountable challenges and look back with expanded wisdom.

There are everyday miracles that are absolutely worthy of notice and every moment has an ‘up side.’ The appointments that I’ve been fielding lately have to do with perspective and it has been pointed out to me every time that our own particular view is only one of many from the many facetted angles of life in 3D. If your view is tough, look from another vantage point. It is not distortion to see life in an empowered way.

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