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September 2009 – Feeling the Squeeze


I held off writing as I have been assessing and working with the latest trend. For about 3 weeks now, there has been a steady energetic squeeze occurring from which we are just coming out. This has been barely noticeable for most looking like ‘ruffled feathers’ that come from out of the blue, but barely endurable for others looking more like a steep mountain hike.

Happy New Year, before I forget to slip that in. Actually, I’m looking at how that factors into what’s going on…

Happy New Year!

There are distinct layers to this one: small and subtle and yet cumulative to a large outcome, if you allow it. Relating to the imagery above, I went on a steep mountain hike while drinking some lemonade (literally) to see if I could provoke some type of something. Nada. Nothing… except a good workout. (I’m not crazy, it was opportunistic rather than planned.)

Part of my struggle in fingering this one is the imagery I’m getting:

  • Birthing, but from the perspective of: a warm, happy and slightly cramped baby squeezed out into a cold, bright and exposed world. This lasting for moments until the nurturing kicks in.
  • Lemons and mountains.
  • A vice.
  • Ruffled feathers.

** and the whole thing is hollow.

It’s like there has been revealed another level of understanding on how trapped / stuck / bitter / hard life is, and yet also knowing absolutely that that is *not* the way it is. It’s like feeling squeezed in a vice, feeling the reality of that and yet knowing there just has to be acknowledged that it doesn’t exist.

The traumas that people have been bringing to me are very real. The lack of ability to realize dreams or put visions into physical motion is very real. Interpersonal struggles and internal struggles are dense and real and sorrowful.

How do you say to someone that it doesn’t exist? Especially when there is a bridge to happiness and freedom that they can’t see or make just as real as the hardship. I hear many people nodding with me.

The problem is that the answer is so simple. Don’t strive. Don’t try to create. Don’t have a goal. No, I’m not talking apathy. I’m not saying that you need to sit on your sofa more in order that life will be easier. It won’t. I’m saying that it’s in the striving that you are acknowledging a need to struggle. I’m saying that to have a goal means that you lacking that which you are seeking.

This concept is nicely addressed in The Legend of Baggar Vance by Steven Pressfield. “Act, … but act without attachment, as the earth does. … The rain falls, with no thought of watering the land. The clouds roll, not seeking to bring shade. They simply do. And we must too.”

It is the act of Being. Being okay. Being happy. Being content. Being in alignment with nature; the nature of existence. Being you. This is Being You unfettered by the past or the future, but being empowered by causes and effects.

There are no lemons or mountains to climb. There is no vice or ruffled feathers. There is no need for a bridge of consciousness. Just Be with the Fullness of your Soul and the Song in your Heart. You won’t even consider sitting on the sofa. Really.

When transforming your consciousness and considering your new approach, I would suggest using a mental mentor: a toddler. (Not the tantrum part.) Take as a model: the curiosity, fearlessness, the security, the unselfconsciousness, the playfulness, the messiness, the newness… See where it takes you.

I was joking a couple of months ago that my motto should be, “It’s all about me!” (I mean that as a focus for everyone with tongue in cheek.) In reality though, your life will *never* be about someone else. So, don’t talk to me about service or being called to help, rescue or balance another person or the planet. We’re beyond that now and your Soul doesn’t sing from the voice of a savior, martyr, hero nor victim. You are more than that… and it’s exponential with expansive love, grace, unity and peace.

This wave is an interesting one and I hope it doesn’t end. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but there’s a real magic in having the veils lifted and then taking expanded action. Take a deep breath and then act on your ‘youness.’ I think I have my New Years resolution!

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