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October 2009 – Your Friends and Your Reality


The pressure to send this message cannot be ignored any longer! It has been highlighted for roughly a week and the energies are landing in 3D better now so it’s important that you know what’s going on.

Reality – Build on Gains

There has been massive change since the last post. It seems to me that it is a set up for the ‘official’ New Year in January. That could go without saying since each minute is the setup for the next, but let me tell you what I see and you can gauge it with your circumstances.

It looks like a slide or a chute into 2010. My hope is that people won’t see it as a landslide with the perception that their world is crumbling, but here in duality there is that potential. Ultimately I’d like to see people reminded of children on a playground on the slides. They love it and cycle around again and again to experience the fun and the thrill. They don’t regret the descent because it’s part of the fun. They don’t resent having to run around again & the climb because it’s part of the fun. Why is all that work fun? It’s perception.

For the strugglers: The nature of the difficulty is change and the ability to see a *new* way. It seems that most are looking, but in the same places. This nets you more struggle, reinforcing the same patterns and leading you to ask the same questions about your situation. This is fine in the grande scheme of things with the creation of more time which you can use to find out more about the energies around you, but be aware though that this is *only* about satisfying the mind. If we are to keep with the slide theme, it would be like circling it and checking the screws & the landing, analyzing the frequency of the children coming down, assessing for adult supervision, standing at the bottom and wondering why you weren’t at the top…

The key is to ask the question, “What’s beyond this?” Next is, “Show me the first step.” Then you need to allow for time as you take one after another. Of course you don’t have to go at all, but once you get to this point, if you don’t take the step you will likely have regret, which undermines your quality of life. The only caution would be to ensure that it’s a safe step to take.

Fear of change or failure doesn’t make it unsafe; just make sure you have qualified support. Also, you don’t have to go on the big slide. You can get used to this by taking the smaller ones. If the slides represent experiences, it is prudent to only embrace what you can handle. For example, don’t start a business without first seriously considering accounting, permits & licenses, marketing; look for a mentor, analyze the market… The small slide might be any one of those components.

For those sailing along: My only caution would be to keep your grip on reality. Remember that even when things are going great, you need to be able to see clearly and not slip on your tinted glasses.

Friends and Freedom

I referred to friends, but what have friends got to do with the above? Ease and grace.

Maybe they’ve been there. Maybe they can see a new path you hadn’t noticed. Maybe they can hold your hand. The excitement is easier to hold with friends. Friends help us put the icing on our cookies. Friends celebrate at our parties (I have held cookie decorating parties). The type of friendship I’m talking about isn’t clingy and needy. There is more about personal news than gossip or personal struggle. It isn’t about what’s wrong, because that acts like mud in your energetic field. It’s not about being saved or rescue, unloading or dumping on someone, reinforcing drudgery and agreeing on hopelessness.

Yes, your friends can be there for you in hard times, but the energy I’m referring to is clearer and helps create understanding that can be *acted* upon either with advice or by simply figuring it out yourself in front of a sympathetic ear. This is an energy of support through mutual opportunity… freedom.

This can be the opportunity to:

  • laugh
  • give or receive a hand up and collaboration
  • gain perspective
  • meet more / new people
  • generate increased independence
  • celebrate synchronicities
  • see better / greater ways
  • find out about your uniqueness
  • own your differences
  • pinpoint your goals…

It is important to remember:

  • you are not alone although you are independent
  • we are all in this together and our gains will be exponential with unity
  • collaboration means not just support, but acceleration too.

I’m at the top of the slide and will keep you posted.

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