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December 2009 – Death

Originally written and sent via email newsletter 28 Nov 09.


This is different from the ‘pop-up’s’ that I reported about the last time, not that the difference is easy to tell without putting your finger directly on it. I almost don’t want to talk about it, but I must…

It’s Death

There were some foreshocks, but today and yesterday there were some earthquakes in the ethers that landed hard. It’s not done, either… we can expect more quakes through the beginning of the week and not until then will the aftershocks begin. Sound promising? It is!

The first thing that I want you to know is that you can transform quickly through this. No, not the death part. That goes in a linear sense, but you can choose to spring quickly out of the ashes.

It will be ugly if you stand engulfed in flame worrying about how hot the lava is.

Instead, bump your energy up a notch or two and UNITE with the flame, passionate and consuming, but without vengeance or aim. The earth is a natural force (um.. ‘nature’… ‘the forces of nature’) and as with any ‘force’ it can be used, if you take care. Care is, as always, a key component in whatever I tell you.

What are some signs and symptoms?
– crying and lots of it. (with accompanying tantrums loud or silent)
– dying machinery (no it’s not just my own personal technological issues this time)
– *drastic transition both chosen and surprise

What is the theme or triggering root?
In a word: *responsibility*

This would seem to be contrasting, if you’ve been paying attention… (what in 3D isn’t?)

How does a BEing Flame take responsibility for burning? This is, after all, what I’m telling you the ‘antidote’ to this energy trend is… If it just IS, how does it take responsibility?

Let’s parallel fire to a lower human system.
– Directing this through thoughts and emotions would be a manipulation.
– Flowing with it is a Sacred honoring. Why?

Look at the fire as a triad. Yes, I learned the Zen of Fire at a profound level when I was a forest firefighter. (Remind me to tell you of the time I burned my eyelashes off.)

Fire is a relationship of Heat, Fuel, Air. Lose any one of those and you no longer have fire. You might still have the lava, but not the fire. It is the hyper-focus on anyone of the three that will cause an imbalance and it will ultimately destroy itself. Believe it or not, it happens with people, too. This is where the affirmation, “I am not my emotions,” and the like come in.

In order for it to be in Sacred Flow, it must honor itself through the All of what It Is uniquely each flare up. Back to elemental nature forces… think in terms of breath which ‘offers’ itself to us to become integrated within our systems, used, exhausted and recycled. That’s the flow. You simply *can’t force it. It never looks the same, so don’t buy into it. *With care, you can offer artificial respiration to somebody in distress, but you can’t make them live.

Now we’re full circle back to death. Consider it an offering. Don’t skip ahead to the rebirth too soon. Be Present to the Sacred transitions and when it is done, you can be done and move fluidly onto whatever’s next. Don’t linger either. Stay present. Unfold & evolve with Honor.

With Love and Encouragement, Nina

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