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Blazing a New Trail in 2010

Well, the aftershocks of December are pretty much over and there’s been distinct movement into the New Year. The expected collective force of expectation for January is building and you can capitalize on this if you wish, but I’m more focused on something deeper.

Phoenix Rising

We’ve come through ‘death’ and are now faced with *phenomenal opportunity. Sure, there will be some more minor after-shocks (expect life to still happen), but the underlying factors once you get past your perception of your current events is one of Creation. This doesn’t happen in this way very often.

  • It reminds me of growing new skin; not stretching, but more like a snake who is bigger and better and more comfortable once it goes through transformation.
  • It reminds me of rising out of the ashes after a trial by fire in a way that is kind of like inspiring new expression and liberating of old beliefs.
  • It reminds me that life is precious and that the greatest act of gratitude to the Universe is to embrace your gifts and make them useful on Earth.

Dimensionally Speaking:

3D: Affirm your direction. Choose and commit to your direction. Look at all the usual problems that inevitably come up with the lens of your new perspective. *This is critical to solidify your New Way of Being.

4D: Everyone has doubts & fears. Use this energy to break through into new frontiers. It will feel like running with your eyes closed, but you have them open, luckily. The sensation comes from new-ness. This can be eased by rallying with your extended community. (Family often has too many ideas about the Way You Are to be supportive in this context. They can be there for you in other ways.)

5D: This is where your eye has to be. Considering the energies in a vertical fashion, if you are the Phoenix Rising, where are you rising to? (To greater heights of your soul’s expression on earth, in case you thought it was a trick question.) It’s true that you are perfect just as you are, but if you are lacking fulfillment and joy in your life, then think of this as the best way to achieve what you’re seeking; actually it’s the only way, but we can muddle along pretending for a good long time.

What are the keys? Not so strangely, they are the usual keys:

  • congruence
  • action
  • introspection
  • structure
  • inspiration
  • focus

Notice that these are all broader concepts, not something actionable like ‘journal’ or ‘make a plan.’ The tools such as I just mentioned come next and are as limited as your imagination which is why I recommend letting go of what you think you know – this opens you up for new possibilities. That’s the great part… the adventure and the fun.

What then is the experience? Necessarily, it is unique. However, it really does feel a lot like liberation, so long as you choose liberty. It also feels like that ache that comes when you dive into cold water. It’s a cold water reality bath if you choose to have another dimension of reality revealed. It is a fork in the road… and this window of choice is time limited which is why I said it doesn’t happen this way often.

We always have potential and there is always ‘this moment’ in which to create transformation, but this is something special. There’s a real opportunity to get into synch with deeper, richer currents through a ‘seize the day’ mentality.

Whatever you choose, know that the Universal perspective is, ‘It’s all good.’ This isn’t a pressure thing, and you won’t miss out. Why? Because you’ve been choosing for the last little while and it is an extension of that. Your life flows through you, so ‘missing out’ doesn’t apply.

We are stronger together as community. We can each add to another’s greatness without threatening our own. We can all grow, expand and celebrate together and create exponentially great life experiences.

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