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LOH: Daniel Kobialka

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Earth Day at the Mobile Office

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LOH: Emilie Conrad

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April 2010: Sparks and a Flood

This has been an incredible week! The sparks started flying on the 6th and it’s as if the flood gates have opened up since then! People have been reaching out to try to hang on and working hard at ”boomeranging” the energy to harness and direct it.

Sparks & Acceleration

There were an excessive amount of energetic sparks flying on the 6th and it really got my attention… It takes a fair bit to get my attention these days as I’m in the midst of a personal creation process which fills my time, to say the least. So, let’s break this down:

The sparks ignite at the moment of release whereas the build up has typically gone on for at least a little while. Think static electricity. These sparks have different color depending on the aspect or characteristic the change. For example:

  • Blue indicates release or rapid change (good and bad)
  • Red is passion (good and bad)
  • Yellow is ideas (good and bad)

You get the idea.

I used the word ‘release‘ and also above I used the words ‘flood gates.’ It is important to say what it’s NOT: You were not holding anything back that you needed to ‘let go of.’           This is an important point of distinction because the sparks aren’t linear. Otherwise I’d see lines at the least or a process instead.

Also mentioned is ‘build up‘ and that is really no different than the build up to any other event. To go to work, you have to ‘build up‘ to the moment you walk out your front door… ideally you will have taken care of hygiene, food, and appropriate attire. Less ideally (in my opinion), you stroll around in your pajamas as seems to be the fashion these days. So, you can see that it is a natural process rather than the kind of pressure build up as in a dam.

It is closer to transformation or activation or birth or emergence. Even with the blue above, it is NOT about ‘processing’ stuff or a conversion of thoughts.

It is NEW energies, beliefs, insights, flare ups… This in itself can be a tough concept because almost all of what we know is ‘laddered information,’ meaning that we relate to it through something else and build on that. (In school they work on strengthening that to make learning easier.)

The word ‘release‘ is only applicable in that the NEW info can’t co-exist in the same context as the old. Imagine realizing that the earth was round. You can believe only one of the thoughts: flat or round… And, realizing the earth is round changes *everything about: exploration and discovery, shipping, safety concerns, tidal observations… So, in that sense you’d have to ‘let some stuff go,’ but it’s not the central point.

The central point (the spark) occurs the moment you have the realization. The rest is just a cascade effect.

The energy flow that we’re in is the cascade effect from whatever opened up for you at the time of the sparks. It kind of reminds me of going down a water slide because the event / incident / insight provoking sparks change everything. You can’t go back up the waterslide any more than you can un-know that the world is round, to keep with our examples.

This is unique for each person because the scenarios in your life will set you up for particular directions & growth and you can’t see what you’re not ready to see… Actually, you can but it just won’t be meaningful or make a difference to you: it is similar to showing a baby a briefcase full of a million dollars.

So, what do you do about it? Think about the water slide example… You’ve got choices:

  1. Lay down and make it a hell of a ride! (my choice)
  2. Sit up and pace yourself (recommended if you are stressed)
  3. Flail wildly and try to get off (not recommended as it will just cause problems)

In pacing yourself, I’d recommend going ‘back to the basics’ – whatever that means to you. Return to a foundational level rather than trying to find a new answer at this point. After all, you are going down the chute – it’s not the time to go shopping for a new swimming suit.

You are never alone and consider these dawnings opportunity to ”lower your center of gravity” to create more stability in your life. In the Grande Scheme of Things, it looks like it can pass pretty quickly, not unlike a waterslide and you definitely get choice as to whether you will do it again or not.

LOH: Nan Akasha

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