Global Teleclass: Part 2

Once you have a basis for understanding what’s going on, what do you do about it? How can you use this?

Layers of Health: Integrating Body, Mind & Spirit – Part 2 of Energy Bootcamp

Once the dimensional framework is in place, using it to determine how to approach your life concerns is the next step.

A meditation using Love as a ‘bridge’ into a new perception is a fantastic way to safely and quickle shift perspectives. The great part about it, is that it doesn’t hinge on the object of your love, it is all about your capacity to love.

Your view of your life is determines your level of empowerment and choice… and ultimately contentment. There are many angles to look at life:

  • Infinite horizontal angles = not often huge transformative help, but useful. (4D)
  • Bottom up = often murky and overwhelming (3D up)
  • Top down = this ‘bird’s eye’ view helps you see through the ‘maze’ (5D+ down)

The main stopping points usually reside in 4D. When you are heavily invested in personality aspects of existence, emotion, archetypal existence and cliche, as well as blocks in perception hinder your happiness.

There are basic principles that can be addressed to catalyze change:

  • Basic geometry: the triangle representing mental, emotional & physical
  • Flow: energy moves
  • Genuine intention: wishful thinking gets you no where

The principles are useless without a vehicle to develop the sensitivity. Addressed in this audio are exercises designed to help you practice and develop subtle sensitivity. Learning to recognize and trust takes practice and commitment.

  1. Basic contrasting energy around the physical
  2. Basic random emotional flow
For more information:
~ See the blog on Part 1
~ Purchase this 2 part audio set

3 Responses to “Global Teleclass: Part 2”

  • Nina:

    Wonderful feedback was received from Hilton Johnson Productions. and posting the comments here will allow for broader perspectives.

    It is incredibly educational to me to receive this feedback and I’m always fascinated by the varying comments!

    Comments on TeleClass Material forwarded from Global Teleclass


    I unfortunately missed most of this course as i tuned in with 15 minutes to go. i worked out the time difference from USA back to Australia but did not allow for Day light Saving. Well I think you must be on it as I was an hour out. I will keep this in mind for the next class, Cheers Linda.

    Unfortunately due to time differences I was unable to listen to the teleclass. Could I suggest that you make the teleclasses available for 24 hours afterwards so that listeners in the UK can benefit too.

    Materials require integration and multiple listenings or notes reviews, but the pace made taking adequate notes impractical. Supplemental written materials and/or the opportunity to re-listen highly recommended.

    I was unable to attend.

    Interesting discussion – I missed Part I

    The class was interesting, I liked it.

    Very good!

    very good

    It is difficult to address an audience that has various levels of knowledge, I know. The material was good, but not new for me. For those who have not had the exposure, I think that parts would have been difficult to fully comprehend.

    I missed the first part so I was not focused at first. Enjoyed the class but almost too much information for a first timer. Hard for me to keep up or understand everything. Maybe break into smaller segments. Great information though, just overload for me.

    She is very intelligent and has a definite command of her subject and is a wonderful orator. I enjoyed following the meditation with her.

    I missed the first class, so I was not prepared for the information. MY FAULT! I didn’t have the background needed to stay with the information, though I enjoyed the “love” meditation. Problem was, I don’t have anyone to really love right now!

    Its a bit too vague for me. I didn’t really get the whole point of it in the end, even if i did all the exercises.

    I was not yet registered with GlobalTeleClass when Part I was done, so I probably missed foundation for this class. I did really like the guided meditations!

    Organization is simply excellent!

    Comments on TeleClass Leader

    I regret I was late into the class so don’t have much evaluation. Yes, I’d take another class. I loved the balanced way Nina presented her material.


    I unfortunately missed most of this course as i tuned in with 15 minutes to go. i worked out the time difference from USA back to Australia but did not allow for Day light Saving. Well I think you must be on it as I was an hour out. I will keep this in mind for the next class, Cheers Linda.

    Leader lost her way quite a few times and I didn’t feel was engaging enough.

    Leader is likable, knowledgeable and sincere.

    Well organized presentation of the material, including demonstrations / exercises.

    The class leader was good.

    Very good leader

    Lovely flowing voice was a pleasure to listen to.

    good meditation

    One recognizes her passion. She needs to slow down her speech and explain more.

    I like how clearly she spoke and there was no background noise getting in the way, which can happen on these calls. She had some issues at first with downloading info., but that was resolved later. She has very good energy about her!

    she’s ok.

    Really liked her guided meditaions! Thank you.

    I’ve heard different people talking about how to succeed or self improvement, but Nina’s approach seems to be much more interesting, as she goes straight into the interaction of mind and body, thus allowing us to better understand what is going on. Excellent approach!
    Comments Not Categorized

    I have enjoyed the presentation very much, I especially liked the voice of the leader, very calm and confident!
    A very knowlegeble leader and equally motivating and eager to help!
    Thank You!

    Interesting way of looking at a problem; I would like to know when part 1 is being offered again so I could listen in.

    Also, it was not possible to listen via the Internet as the connection kept breaking off.
    Very soothing voice that promotes a meditative state.

  • Nina:

    Questions submitted on the call:

    I seem to find myself with an intuitive sense as well as being a massage therapist. My question is: How do you protect yourself from others energy (negative) fields ? I seem to absorb negative and disruptive energy very very easily. Any suggestions?
    Thanks! ~ Christopher

    Some of what you said to me and are saying in the class now speaks to me, and I thank you for that! 🙂

    Could this be connected somehow to my inability to concentrate, meditate and remember things? I find myself feeling distant from myself as well as much more emotional and, (I hate to say it) somewhat less joyous over the last year or two. Not feeling like I am myself.

    For instance, I found myself really struggling with the meditation.
    Would you mind terribly going over the meditation again before ending from a thumbnail perspective? I missed a couple of the middle parts.

    I like your energy!

    Does this energy work relate to chronic physical health conditions? Can physical healing be aided? If so, how can this occur?


    Good input there!
    Awesome class! Thanks again!
    Yes it helped quite a bit!
    I heard that about the heart patients as well. Interesting stuff!
    I wish you all the best. ~ Christopher

  • Nina:

    This question was missed & here is the answer:

    The Triad of Energy could you mention the indicators of the physical, emotional and mental again? ( I got that mental may register as being confused).

    I seem to get really stuck in deciding between two options, it seems
    excruciating sometimes. Would you review how to shift from the duality of 4th dimension…?

    Example – whether to spend money to invest in training and risk being financially stretched too far vs. having faith enough money will come to me.


    Dear Jean,
    I’m sorry I missed your question… the subject line was a failure notice and that threw me. Because I missed it, I’ve spent some time putting together a pretty detailed answer. Grab a cup of tea. 🙂

    This basic triad is just the 3 energies that have to be in place for manifestation.
    If one is missing / broken / blocked… then you won’t find the success you are looking for, or it won’t be lasting.

    * Emotional piece missing = not being able to see clearly (emotions often cloud our judgment) and lack of empowerment
    * Mental piece missing = confusion as to direction, wrong conclusions, paralyzed in action or leaping without looking
    * Physical piece missing = nothing to structure the manifestation on: could be capability and actual physical limitation, could be a business system…

    Remember the ‘dot’ in the middle connecting them all? (It actually isn’t flat like on a paper – it’s up in the air with lines from each point on the triangle moving up to connect with it.) Anyway, this over-lighting, uniting energy of 5D really functions to coordinate the lower expressions with more ease than trying to force a decision. So, a deeper meditation, like the one on the call would be helpful – so long as you continue to reference back to ‘reality’ in 3D.

    You can’t shift from the duality of 4D, it is part of the laws of that layer, like gravity on earth. (You can jump, but you only defy gravity here for moments… some amusement park games, air planes… but it can’t be sustained – at least by the average person.) To reassure you, there is no “wrong path” or “right path” when looking from the top down at the situation – there are, however decisions that will bring you more or less happiness.

    Really get honest about your motivations to do the training. Do you feel under-stimulated? Are you bored? Are you craving like minded people? Are you upgrading to freshen up your knowledge? Do you think someone else knows more or offers a better service than you? Are you afraid of missing out on a window of opportunity? Why would financial compromise seem like a good alternative?

    Re your financial choices and training… I have to be honest about my conservatism. I really don’t believe in spending more than you can afford. If it’s an investment that will allow you to charge more and you can make $$ from your training, then maybe. My approach comes from watching too many within the metaphysical circles that I’ve traveled within making this same ‘leap of faith’ resulting in all kinds of unhappiness. There is often pressure around ‘hearing the call’ or ‘trusting in the Universe’ and then it seems that it never pans out with a cash flow to match. After that, comes the blame (internal & external) and a search for the offending thought or intention that was out of alignment and caused the financial flow to not manifest. It’s all a load of crap. One guy’s marketing plan for his new, unestablished and unadvertised healing practice was to meditate on being a magnet. He got about 2 clients that way and after a half a year of causing financial stress for his family (with kids) he went back to work. I’ve watched people rack up credit cards because they too ‘heard the call.’ I’d better nip this rant in the bud. Suffice to say that the Divine does not expect you to tempt bankruptcy to prove your faith. It simply doesn’t work that way.

    We didn’t go into this much, but 4D is a huge expressive field for your 5D self. Decisions, for me, are really a creative process – like art, kind of. Unlike immobility, flow and action are far easier to work with by deeper aspects within you that desire your greatest good – and in my experience, it almost never looks as planned. Each person’s manifestation process will look a little different because you are unique.

    If you really must do the training (from a deeper internal perspective and not a glamorized field of false excitement that you will regret later) then you need to start asking different questions. Thinking creatively… such as: How can I afford this training? What can I do to afford this training? (many systems have teacher assisting that could give you credits – or maybe you can pick up extra hours / shifts and save…) Is there an area that I can go to that will make this training more affordable. (For example, many massage therapists at least started their training in Calgary because it was significantly cheaper than doing the whole program where they were from.) Can you take the training later? Why is this looking appealing at this time?

    Faith is also mis-understood, so I wouldn’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Faith isn’t ‘doing whatever’ and hoping that the Divine will fill in the blanks. Faith is an underlying energy that you can rely on no matter what, not a cash machine. From my perspective, faith is the reason why I *know at the very core of my being that I will always be alright. It’s an almost solid presence that is always there when I check in. This is interesting because it *doesn’t mean that life will unroll like a red carpet in front of me and in fact I’ve had some pretty big challenges, but I’m still alright and I will continue to be alright. This feeling has been there through my dumb decisions and my great ones, too. I think that if that wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be okay – that’s my kind of faith. Also, a hallmark of Divine support is that it’s good for All. Win:win.

    Checking in with how congruent your choices are with your goal is also a good exercise. Incongruity leads to unhappiness because you can’t walk in one direction and wonder why you aren’t on a different path at the same time. Goals are kind of like a horizon point to guide your day to day decisions… and faith comes in where you don’t always know what that will look like or how events will unfold, but knowing that because you are coming from your heart and empowering your goal that there will be Universal support in a win:win way. Sometimes it can feel risky, but that’s where that Inner Wisdom comes in or that deeper knowing from your inner Truth.

    Ultimately you have to be satisfied that you are honoring your inner truth, otherwise you will have regret & difficulty. Focus on your inner truth so that you can establish a good horizon point and then your decisions almost make themselves. No struggle because you have created alignment between:
    5D – Inner Truth (capital T – not little t wishing)
    4D – thoughts / emotions (you feel good about your direction and make aligned choices that you won’t regret)
    3D – taking the aligned steps, one at a time as time unfolds

    I hope this helps. Direction can be a really challenging concept. Trust yourself, and know that there are as many ways to live life as there are people on earth and not one is better than the other.

    Warm wishes,

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