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Self(s) Healing Telexperience

Self(s) Healing Telexperience announcement. Scheduled for Oct 16, this is a powerful healing by medical intuitive Rhonda Lenair (aka Self(s)). Read the rest of this entry »

Nan Akasha: Wealthy Women

Nan has begun a Women's Prosperity Movement. She is so passionate about curing the #1 dis-ease on the planet: poverty! And she knows women are most affected by this. She is starting a 6 month program for women called Enlightened Wealthy Women. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Madan Kataria

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Dr Madan Kataria on Laughter Yoga for the Good Vibrations series 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Nina Wallinder GV

Layers of Health event featuring Nina Wallinder on "Energy Bootcamp: Where Do You Start?" for the Good Vibrations series 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Nina Wallinder

Layers of Health event featuring Nina Wallinder on "Energy Bootcamp: Where Do You Start?" for the Good Vibrations series 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Callan Rush: Fill Your Workshops

Announcement about Callan Rush's "Fill Your Workshops with Ease" events in Western Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar for the Good Vibration series on "Now is the Time ~ Your Role in the Awakening of Consciousness." Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile Office: Casino

The mobile office is at the casino... Contemplating abundance and counting cold hard cash! Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe for the Good Vibrations series. The topic: Are You Having a Spiritual Awakening? (or just going crazy) Read the rest of this entry »

Focus Within

Okay, multiple reports from multiple sources: It wasn’t as easy this month as many had anticipated. Change can be easy, it really depends on where you place your focus.

Your Inner Truth

There are several factors… as usual. What causes energetic turbulance? The main answer is:

  • INCONGRUENCE ~ This is the umbrella answer. Sub-categories are:
    • To Self: resulting in mixed emotions, fear of rejection, lack of self respect, external referencing, feeling paralyzed…
    • To Your Own Choices: resulting in second guessing, failure to realize your goals, feeling betrayed by life, confusion as to why things aren’t unfolding as anticipated…
    • To Your Ideals: resulting in low self worth, bitterness and jaded feelings towards ‘the system,’ justified, dis-empowered…

Sure there’s more, but lets just chew on that for a bit. Instead, lets consider the ‘Wild Card’ factors:

  • Your level of self-awareness – The stakes get higher and choices can be both easier and harder depending on your congruence
  • Your level of education – This is not about having a PhD, although that can have implications of its own. Possibly unexpectedly, you should be aware that there can be huge problems coming from the amount of self-help & spiritual workshopy type of information you reference.

No matter where you get your information, the most important reference point has to be yourself!

This may seem like a no-brainer and you may be saying, “Of course, I always reference within,” but I urge you to double check. When life is throwing curve balls at you, start by assessing what kind of inner talk is happening and what kinds of feelings are coming up. Clues indicating incongruence:

  • You didn’t think life would be like this… and aren’t happy with the outcome.
  • You feel ‘at fault’ and like if you’d been better or done some mysterious ‘right’ thing that your circumstances would be different.
  • You apply principles on faith and are unhappy with the result.

These may seem wishy-washy, but that’s because the causal dynamic is just as wishy-washy. You can’t peg your identity, choices and life on a wishy-washy or ‘feel-good’ dynamic. It won’t hold up! More importantly – It won’t hold You up in times of trial… And I’m not talking about ‘being tested’ as so many esoteric teachers are fond of saying.

So, what of it? Where are the nuts & bolts of what’s going on?

The faster you can tune in => Deeply <= (and that needs to be stressed because we’re not talking about ‘feelings’ here) the faster you can feel the flow of life. ‘Life’ will still happen to you, but you will have a resilience that will keep everything from feeling like a judgment and a sentence. Life will *not* look the same and it will be a shock at first, but once you get used to operating from a place of flow, this ‘new reality’ won’t seem so foreign.

Looking forward… It looks to me to be very similar, to last month with the visual of changes / choices overlapping like shingles. You can take a ‘time out’ to assess, but the flow doesn’t seem to be affected by this much and if we compare the energy flow to water, moving with it will seem to afford more ease and grace than trying to stop mid-stream or more difficult yet, to go against the tide. Curiously, if you are moving at the same rate as the flow, you will appear to be and it will seem to you like there isn’t much de-stabilizing motion because you are ‘in synch’. A practical example would be the start of the school year: You can go with it, or decide to think about it, but school is still in session.

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