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The brain (central nervous system) and lymph system are like ‘brother and sister’and the extracellular fluid is like the grandfather in their coordinated function for your overall health.

Brain & Lymph Drainage Therapy Techniques

The fluid systems of your body are key for delivery of nutrients and processing of toxins. Your cells are bathed in fluid, your blood circulates fluid, your discs, eyes and cells are full of fluid… and each component has it’s own intelligence & consciousness. The brain & your body can be adversely impacted by:

  • Birth trauma & Physical impact: falling, being hit…
  • Toxic exposure: cleaning supplies, carbon monoxide
  • Emotional trauma & Allergic reactions

Dr Chikly uses an extensive scientific background and an open mind in developing his methods, balancing right brain & left brain approaches. He compared the ability to affect deep tissues to 2 magnets on opposite sides of a window still having an affect on each other.

Brain therapy results have been measured by MRI & the Lymph system helps all other systems function better. He has well over 200 treatment applications including:

  • Veterans: affected by bomb blasts
  • Parkinsons, lymphedema, car accidents
  • Poor concentration, focus & issues of the aging mind
  • Jet lag, hang overs, skin health and hundreds of more applications

His extensive experience gives him philosophical privilege to contemplate: Love and treatment, consciousness of tissues, “gourmet” manual therapy, the brain as ‘the Holy of Holies’ and lymph as a tool of personal transformation. (Wow ~ He even made dissection sound romantic in this call! Where do I sign up?)


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