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Karate, judo, rock ‘n’ roll drummer (opening for Janis Joplin), psychology, broken neck (in a halo), rolfing, body / mind, philosophy, physical therapy school, osteopathy, bio-mechanical to functional… In another context he’d mentioned that you can’t teach experience (!) and his experiences lead to:

Myoskeletal Alignment

Erik advised us not to get married (to one idea or another). As a multi-modal pain management system, Myoskeletal Alignment works to keep pace with evolving scientific understanding and allows that to shape the work. Examples on how his thinking has grown:

  • When he went to massage school, everything was a muscle issue…
  • When he went to Rolfing school, everything was a fascial issue…
  • And when he broke his neck, everything became a bony issue.

Then he realized that it all works together and he now places attention on working to the deepest restrictive layer, whether that is superficial or deep. A key treatment aim for Erik is to have an aligned & level sacral base and the eyes level. There are several ways he approaches this aim. He looks for tissue issues to do with:

  • Ascending syndromes – affecting the body lower than the issue: ie. TMJ dysfunction affecting the upper back
  • Descending syndromes – affecting the body above the issue: ie. low back pain due to a foot problem
  • Upper & lower cross syndromes: issues of imbalance such as in our “Flexion Addicted Society”
  • Gait, physiology and more…

There are many factors that contribute to pain and the Myoskeletal approach is to facilitate “… proper neural, myofascial and skeletal function.” (From the notes that come with the YouTube video below)


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