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First found in Egypt, used as instructed by a prophet in the 12th century and long held wisdom from aboriginal peoples, flower essences have powerful and subtle healing properties for your emotions.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian cited how in Chinese & Ayruvedic medicine the majority of problems can have emotional or spiritual roots and he also shared how his learning started as a small child going on ‘walk-abouts’ with his mother and grand mother in the Australian bush.

There is a “Doctrine of Signatures” that can guide herbalists in what kind of healing properties a particular plant may have and Ian’s flower essences have a regulatory effect.

Flower essences aren’t aromatic and their healing properties come from the life force of the plant which is strong because of the harsh conditions for survival in the Australian bush. Spiritual concerns can include finding meaning & feeling unity and some physical / emotional correlations include:

  • Lungs -> sadness
  • Liver -> anger
  • Kidney -> fear & anxiety

Essences can be used for animals, as well as people & are indicated for any age and any problem with one possible contraindication to do with the alcohol base.


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