LOH: Nina Wallinder Body Harmony

First you put yourself in a box, then you put others in a box and it ends up being a comfortable, although limiting perception of reality.

Sacred Service

You aren’t defined by your limitations ro circumstances because you are so much more than that. We have explorative and creative qualities and harnessing these subtle energies leads to:

  • Resilience & ‘okay-ness’
  • Empowerment & Fulfillment
  • Inner Peace

A ‘bottom-up’ view of the dimensions will limit your perspective and a ‘top-down’ approach within your life will allow you choice, freedom & growth. You can tell the difference because of a ‘clear air’ feeling

New ideas, inspiration & genuine creativity comes from the 5th dimension and is not subject to the limitations of the 4th dimension.

It is critical to be able to be wrong as that allows your perception to evolve. The development of intuition adds depth & richness to your engagement in life and enhances how you engage in Sacred Service to the world.

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