LOH: Tom Cochran & Donna Jason

Sacred Lomi can be compared to a mantra and it can be seen as a weaving of energy. Sacred Lomi weaves the waking world and the sleeping world together which allows for a very profound space and comes from the Temple Style Lomi.

Sacred Lomi

The system / form is assistive for the person to connect with themselves. It is more about un-learning things that aren’t very useful anymore so you can be more fully you. Figure 8’s & circular movements are an integral part of the system and is designed to confuse the thinking mind that likes to control & analyze. Your body receives the message that you can let go.

Donna shares that the invitation is to let go on deeper levels than the recipient has ever had and so there needs to be a safer space than the recipient has ever been in.

Tom shares that there aren’t really rules, however there are principles. The training is more about learning about yourself than learning a set of techniques, but it still has structure. Key principles & important considerations include:

  • Listening : Whole Being : Now : Love
  • Movement : Sound : Breath : Presence
  • Trust : Safety : Boundaries : Acceptance

Sacred Lomi is powerful both as a modality, and also for personal development for those who want greater personal healing & awareness.



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