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Higher Vision

Although Your Higher Vision is something to ‘hold’ all of the time, it’s not always top of your mind, and that’s fine.

Drawing Inspiration

Life is about the journey and the experiences we have can seem like taking a boat ride. Sometimes the water is smooth and sometimes it’s choppy. In this context, you can see where holding the Higher Vision could be paralleled to aiming for the lighthouse in rougher seas.

Some of your power of choice, at least once you are on the water, is in your direction & attitude. (Earlier it can be paralleled to choice of boat, crew, equipment…) I bring this up because questions I’ve received lately have to do with empowerment and manifestation.

Confusion arises in where your power lies, in practicality. You cannot take responsibility for the choppy water. You cannot take responsibility for the sun or the storm. Taking blame for those, or convincing yourself that the sun rises on your command sets you up for misunderstanding the manifestation process.

“Of course I know that,” is the usual answer to this statement… However, then issues around work environments, attracting love and personal identity come forward.

Let’s talk about identity & body image. We are surrounded by images of skeletal figures representing beauty AND we are surrounded by advertisements for fast, fattening & under-nourishing food. Both are external references that are beyond your control, unless you are in charge of the magazine or sell junk food.

What is the antidote? There are lots of ways to approach it, however the Overlighting way is to Hold Your Higher Vision for Health.

So, did you magnetize / manifest the contradictory realities of skinny P.R. and fatty comfort? Of course not. Can you manifest healthy foods? Well, you can choose to eat healthy foods, but you didn’t have anything to do with the planting & harvesting or manifestation of the produce in the store (unless you own a farm). ~ So, there are Things out of your conscious control.

The Real Power is in turning your gaze inward to what your body tells you in terms of how you feel when you eat different foods and do physical exercise (if able). You will then be able to manifest / empower a healthy body within a healthy context.

This is along the same lines as the expression, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” without taking disproportionate responsibility for what the world is doing and having that define you or your choices. You are activating your Power of Choice, rather than have it be on a default setting for a group mentality.

Practice; get to know yourself. Breathe. You can’t worry over every wave on the choppy sea.


This is important to take into consideration, not because you might actually 'fall off the wagon,' but because the earthly energies are still in a bit of upheaval. Don't let them knock you off of your Vision. Read the rest of this entry »
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