Remember the heaving energies from last month? What did you choose? Good News: I haven’t gotten *any emergency calls this last month! … But now we need to sustain the movement!

Having Held the Higher Vision…

A lot of folks have made New Year’s Resolutions and that was a ‘deciding factor’ in your intention for movement forward. That is to be congratulated, and now it’s time to capitalize on that momentum. This is critical because the lower dimensional group energy is one of ‘falling off the wagon’ right about now.

This is important to take into consideration, not because you might actually ‘fall off the wagon,’ but because the earthly energies are still in a bit of upheaval. Don’t let them knock you off of your Vision.

At one point last year it looked like a water-slide of flow and this is almost opposite of that time. A comparable experience would be more like gardening. You saw the opportunity and bought the land / made the commitment. It’s time to put in some work in preparing your garden. Hold the vision of the fruit of your labor (goal) while you turn over the soil, hoe your row, & work the compost.

The healthiest approach to this is:

  • Steady-As-You-Go.
  • Interact with your circle of friends (or find / build one) to build positive energy and support.
  • Focus on your aims in order to create healthy boundaries around added commitments.

This will be as hard as you perceive it to be. That’s a tough statement because many have some pretty hard obstacles. Holding more focus Now will influence your Ultimate Outcome in terms out output volume, time & feelings.

  • With more focus there will be greater output, less or smoother time and more uplifting feeling.
  • With less focus there will be less yield, longer manifestation duration and a less feelings fulfillment.

Sometimes the vision seems like a huge mountain to climb (if the gardening comparison didn’t work for you). Consider climbing a mountain from an couch potato perspective… and then consider climbing a mountain knowing that you will be making all preparations in terms of: supplies, fitness, training, support… The vision of having your flag on the mountain peak can manifest, but there are harder and easier ways to do everything and include not just attitude, but preparation, planning & action. It really is about the journey.

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