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Hitting Your Stride

World and personal events have been churning deeply for a couple of months. There is still lots of movement, but it is looking more deliberate now.

From Chaos to Deliberate Movement

It seems like a ‘comma’ in space; not quite a turning point, but with an expectation of continued flow. It feels like some sense of organization is coming out of the chaos that has been around recently.

When I have spoken with clients in the last two months, I related the larger influencing energies to churning earth. (This was prior to the earthquakes and resulting devastation).

While the energies are still moving *alot, they are taking on a unidirectional quality versus the ‘anything can happen’ signature of late. All in all, this means less chaos and more predictable flow. Generally speaking, most people feel more ‘on purpose’ when there is a distinct path to follow and so, because of this, life will probably seem easier than it has in a while.

What can you do right now?

  • Determination is a wonderful quality to invoke.
  • Renew and re-affirm your intent to follow through with the steps needed to achieve your goals.
    • If your goal is longer term, use your determination to keep from meandering around too much which makes you feel busy, but ultimately is just distraction.
  • Look with appreciative enquiry at your surroundings: What is working? Focus on that.

It is important to know that energy dynamics are as impersonal as the electricity running through your house and it is what you make of it that matters. I usually put positive ‘spin’ on it because we all have that choice and contributing to hope, optimism and empowerment sure beats dragging yourself and others down and making things worse than they have to be. The another factor is from what angle you are looking at the dynamic which is why the last post is about Your Higher Vision.

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