It was tricky putting my finger on this trend because it is totally out of season. (First I feel the energy, then I begin a labeling process.) Additionally, another fascinating dynamic is that it is 2 tier. What does that mean?


Here in Canada, we are heading in to spring. It was in contemplation of my seeds that I realized the parallel to what is going on in the larger energy dynamic that folks have been feeling. However, usually with seeds there is an anticipation & excitement about new growth and investment in the future.

The upper tier is what you would expect of spring, transitional energy or gentle shifts:

  • Somewhat carefree
  • Somewhat planning oriented
  • Somewhat optimistic

It was the ‘somewhat’ quality that bothered me. It has a sense of quiet and waiting…

Contrary to gentle shifts, there is a different dynamic which is more similar to hibernation in terms of the desire to ‘hunker down’ and be still and quiet. This is the deepest tier which is affecting a lot of folks in a subtle & impactful way. It seems to be holding some tension and is watchful in nature. It’s like folks want to get some reliable bearings before making deeper, more meaningful choices & taking steps.

This is a good thing: to be watchful and to gain solid landmarks… Some folks noticed and contacted me, but there was a larger energy event last month on April 5 that was cleared yesterday. This greatly contributed to our current experience.

Even though everyone is not energy sensitive, everyone has a life and faculties with which to interface with that life. In working with these and any Energy Dynamics, it is important to apply my two rules:

  1. Do your best: Your very best; without cheating or cutting corners or telling yourself a story. Do it with personal integrity, aligning balance and appropriate boundaries.
  2. Be true to yourself: Your best self, not the lower self. ‘True’ means clear, honorable, of high vision and demanding of deep honesty. No excuses, self deception or stories – either perceived good or bad.

Without knowing anything else, this will allow you to navigate even the roughest patches with the most empowerment, grace & ease. Namaste.

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