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Nina Wallinder is an Inspirational Intuitive focused on assisting others in the development of personal awareness, intuition and happiness through a multi-dimensional model that has distinct influencing characteristics on each dimensional layer.

This mission is complimented by her work as host for the popular teleseminar series “Layers of Health” which promotes multi-modal Health exploration. Nina’s educational programs and seminars have helped people throughout the world to expand their awareness of not just of themselves, but also the options and choices available to them.

Originally working as a bodywork professional, Nina transitioned into a full time intuitive practice in 2007. This transition evolved naturally as her clients began asking deeper and deeper questions about their life concerns resulting in her focus always being on the Whole Person through the many Layers of Unique Expression.

One afternoon after seeing clients later in 2008, her own intuition told her again to, “Move on.” The exploration of what this could be evolved rapidly to a larger ‘global family’ outlook with empowering Health as the Vision.

With a background in massage therapy and knowing the vast array of services offered, creating a Knowledge Base as a resource for people became enfolded within Her Mission to Empower Others. As an extension of that, Layers of Health was created as well as events & assistive digital resources.

As an Energy Sensitive person who has over 5000 hours of experience helping people 1:1 and in groups, Nina is committed to helping you empower your life through understanding the subtle Layers of Reality, explore Layers of Meaning and learning about the Layers of Health.

More About Nina

“It is really rare to run across someone like you who actually has such a genuinely and naturally developed intuitive ability. You have a way of ‘tuning in’ that is truly refreshing. There is such a beautiful clarity within you. Thank you for sharing your gifts!”

~Julie Dittmar, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Guide

From Tyrrell Clarke: (link)

This audio is excerpted from a reading done early in March 2010. I went to see Tyrrell for a general reading for the first time with no real questions and it was fascinating that the nature of my work came up, because having a description / label has been a serious source of angst. Trying to “wear an identity” feels more like an ill fitting sweater than the actual easy flow of the work and this is quite descriptive giving a greater sense of the nature of it.

I was pleased that she saw the soul purpose / spiritual path aspect of it because that is core and those who aren’t looking for that really don’t like, can’t understand or simply aren’t attracted to what can be revealed.

There was more, but you can watch it unfold with my business developments!

Tyrrell Clarke Reading Excerpt Audio Duration is just over 3 min.


From Sharon Desjarlais: (link)

(November 09)

It was 12:42 Thursday morning. I was wide awake, thick in the red-hot cone of an emotional volcano.

By noon that day I had shifted into a higher spiritual perspective.

I felt light again and filled with joy.

Two hours later I got an e-mail from Nina Wallinder of Soul Sight Services. (That was the day before she interviewed me on her Layers of Health teleseminar series.)

“Are you okay?” Nina asked out of the blue. She explained that she’d been picking up something big with me that seemed to pass about 2 hours before.

Uhhhh, how’d she know??

At my invitation, Nina gave me some spontaneous intuitive feedback that went straight to the core of the issue I’d been struggling with.

More importantly, she outlined specific steps I could take to heal the underlying conflict in a deeper way.

I was stunned at how accurate she was. And thankful to have concrete steps I could take based on that higher vision.

So this shout out is for Nina ~ a deeply grounded woman who sees things for others, even when we may have trouble seeing things clearly ourselves.

I highly recommend you check out her blog. And call her for a session if you ever find yourself stuck in an emotional volcano you need help climbing out of.

In the meantime, Nina will be picking my brain in the Layers of Health teleseminars. Register at: Layers of Health


From Cyndi Dale: (link)

Essential Energy Newsletter: Issue #7: February 2009: Featured Practitioner

Cyndi's Feature on Nina Feb 09.

Cyndi's Feature on Nina Feb 09.

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