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It was tricky putting my finger on this trend because it is totally out of season. (First I feel the energy, then I begin a labeling process.) Additionally, another fascinating dynamic is that it is 2 tier. What does that mean?


Here in Canada, we are heading in to spring. It was in contemplation of my seeds that I realized the parallel to what is going on in the larger energy dynamic that folks have been feeling. However, usually with seeds there is an anticipation & excitement about new growth and investment in the future.

The upper tier is what you would expect of spring, transitional energy or gentle shifts:

  • Somewhat carefree
  • Somewhat planning oriented
  • Somewhat optimistic

It was the ‘somewhat’ quality that bothered me. It has a sense of quiet and waiting…

Contrary to gentle shifts, there is a different dynamic which is more similar to hibernation in terms of the desire to ‘hunker down’ and be still and quiet. This is the deepest tier which is affecting a lot of folks in a subtle & impactful way. It seems to be holding some tension and is watchful in nature. It’s like folks want to get some reliable bearings before making deeper, more meaningful choices & taking steps.

This is a good thing: to be watchful and to gain solid landmarks… Some folks noticed and contacted me, but there was a larger energy event last month on April 5 that was cleared yesterday. This greatly contributed to our current experience.

Even though everyone is not energy sensitive, everyone has a life and faculties with which to interface with that life. In working with these and any Energy Dynamics, it is important to apply my two rules:

  1. Do your best: Your very best; without cheating or cutting corners or telling yourself a story. Do it with personal integrity, aligning balance and appropriate boundaries.
  2. Be true to yourself: Your best self, not the lower self. ‘True’ means clear, honorable, of high vision and demanding of deep honesty. No excuses, self deception or stories – either perceived good or bad.

Without knowing anything else, this will allow you to navigate even the roughest patches with the most empowerment, grace & ease. Namaste.

Hitting Your Stride

World and personal events have been churning deeply for a couple of months. There is still lots of movement, but it is looking more deliberate now.

From Chaos to Deliberate Movement

It seems like a ‘comma’ in space; not quite a turning point, but with an expectation of continued flow. It feels like some sense of organization is coming out of the chaos that has been around recently.

When I have spoken with clients in the last two months, I related the larger influencing energies to churning earth. (This was prior to the earthquakes and resulting devastation).

While the energies are still moving *alot, they are taking on a unidirectional quality versus the ‘anything can happen’ signature of late. All in all, this means less chaos and more predictable flow. Generally speaking, most people feel more ‘on purpose’ when there is a distinct path to follow and so, because of this, life will probably seem easier than it has in a while.

What can you do right now?

  • Determination is a wonderful quality to invoke.
  • Renew and re-affirm your intent to follow through with the steps needed to achieve your goals.
    • If your goal is longer term, use your determination to keep from meandering around too much which makes you feel busy, but ultimately is just distraction.
  • Look with appreciative enquiry at your surroundings: What is working? Focus on that.

It is important to know that energy dynamics are as impersonal as the electricity running through your house and it is what you make of it that matters. I usually put positive ‘spin’ on it because we all have that choice and contributing to hope, optimism and empowerment sure beats dragging yourself and others down and making things worse than they have to be. The another factor is from what angle you are looking at the dynamic which is why the last post is about Your Higher Vision.

Higher Vision

Although Your Higher Vision is something to ‘hold’ all of the time, it’s not always top of your mind, and that’s fine.

Drawing Inspiration

Life is about the journey and the experiences we have can seem like taking a boat ride. Sometimes the water is smooth and sometimes it’s choppy. In this context, you can see where holding the Higher Vision could be paralleled to aiming for the lighthouse in rougher seas.

Some of your power of choice, at least once you are on the water, is in your direction & attitude. (Earlier it can be paralleled to choice of boat, crew, equipment…) I bring this up because questions I’ve received lately have to do with empowerment and manifestation.

Confusion arises in where your power lies, in practicality. You cannot take responsibility for the choppy water. You cannot take responsibility for the sun or the storm. Taking blame for those, or convincing yourself that the sun rises on your command sets you up for misunderstanding the manifestation process.

“Of course I know that,” is the usual answer to this statement… However, then issues around work environments, attracting love and personal identity come forward.

Let’s talk about identity & body image. We are surrounded by images of skeletal figures representing beauty AND we are surrounded by advertisements for fast, fattening & under-nourishing food. Both are external references that are beyond your control, unless you are in charge of the magazine or sell junk food.

What is the antidote? There are lots of ways to approach it, however the Overlighting way is to Hold Your Higher Vision for Health.

So, did you magnetize / manifest the contradictory realities of skinny P.R. and fatty comfort? Of course not. Can you manifest healthy foods? Well, you can choose to eat healthy foods, but you didn’t have anything to do with the planting & harvesting or manifestation of the produce in the store (unless you own a farm). ~ So, there are Things out of your conscious control.

The Real Power is in turning your gaze inward to what your body tells you in terms of how you feel when you eat different foods and do physical exercise (if able). You will then be able to manifest / empower a healthy body within a healthy context.

This is along the same lines as the expression, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” without taking disproportionate responsibility for what the world is doing and having that define you or your choices. You are activating your Power of Choice, rather than have it be on a default setting for a group mentality.

Practice; get to know yourself. Breathe. You can’t worry over every wave on the choppy sea.


This is important to take into consideration, not because you might actually 'fall off the wagon,' but because the earthly energies are still in a bit of upheaval. Don't let them knock you off of your Vision. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Holidays

Wishing You the Best of the Season and Every Blessing into 2011!

Happy Holidays!

With the trending energies over the last 2 months, I’ve had an ‘action-adventure’ type of feeling with the non-stop pace that goes along with those kinds of shows!

Hence the snowball ~ It reminds me of Indiana Jones. (with a smile)

In retrospect of 2010: I avoided ‘catastophic failure’ among other Fun Stuff such as:

  • 3 Layers of Health Teleseminar programs
  • Accepting more speaking & collaboration opportunities
  • Hosting a monthly Energy program
  • Family stuff: Skiing, Wrestling, Graduation, Driving, Sets of Renovations, Flood, Winning Things, Volunteering, Teaching, Theatre Events…

Looking forward to 2011 and ‘in the works’ plans:

  • Complete the sites merger & expand the learning programs
  • 2 Layers of Health programs – Big changes ‘behind the curtain’
  • Find time for my other projects (!) – My editor has infinite patience
  • More collaborative fun and projects with others

Below is my first pick of image because it reminds me of: a conversation with a friend recently, childhood memories and our connection with angelic presence. I chose the one above because I *love the excitement & drama! Have you met my friend the Yeti? Click here!

Choose Now

Even a seemingly downward spiral has momentum that can rebound like a boomerang and it doesn't have to end in a crash. Just allow for unexpected avenues and explore, explore, explore! It is this same strategy that I used this month when someone used the words, "Catastrophic failure" to me ~ regarding something to do with me. (!) Read the rest of this entry »

Off Beat

There are a couple more superficial energy trends that are worthy of note. Interestingly, it is not affecting everyone, only some. Are you affected? Read the rest of this entry »

Chaos Confusion & Choice

Forks in the road, crazy events, rapid changes… Where do you look?  What are you supposed to do?

Tangled Energy Lines

Lately, the issues seem to have amplified. Believe it or not, it is a continuation of the trend from the last 2 months. It is a consequence of the ‘shingle like’ overlapping choices that just keep coming. What has changed? What has highlighted this period more?

The dynamic looks like tangled energy lines. Bottom line: Folks are trying to ‘slow down’ in terms of wave length in order to slip into the flow… but, are translating that in a mis-guided way in terms of choices and actions. KEYS:

  • Wavelength is not the same as taking your time or delaying: Yes, you create space on the timeline (like bigger space between the vibrational oscillations), but at the same time you can be flighty, indecisive, ungrounded and uncertain. They are NOT the same.
  • There is never a moment when Self-Honor is not the most important factor.
  • Hard choices still have to be made with good will in order to maintain your momentum (and it does get easier) because delay will only make it harder as the energy builds up. Then windows of opportunity can start closing which generates a decompression, but you also my experience regrets that can bind your energy to the past.

Where are the tangles? Generally folks are confusing the dimensional layers. It is important to note that All Layers are important, not just the higher ones. For example, you can’t meditate your life to change. You can meditate (5D) to change your frequency, gain insight and relax your system ~ but then you need to make choices and take actions from that feeling (4 & 3D). So, what do you do in a practical sense? You need to:

  • Respect the people around you for Exactly where they are & who they are (Key: Actions speak louder than words.)
  • Assess how much stretch they have in willingness to grow (Usually very little, but Any is *very good.)
  • Honor Your inner truth and make choices from your heart: If you are acting for or against anybody else, it is the same energy coin. The choices need to come from within, in loving compassion for the circumstances around you. (Not reactive like martyr or savior patterns.)

The love and good will from 5D isn’t often expressed in our working reality, and if folks are claiming to do so, what I’ve noticed is that it more often is expressed as righteousness from a 4D place rather than being the real deal. That leads to disillusionment, not to mention that there’s almost no way to work with these people. So, don’t. It’s not your job to change them. It’s your job to be the best that you can be and make your choices from there.

There is one more critical factor. As you flow forward in your life and maintain congruence, BIGGER choices will come up. When you start making slightly different choices, often the differences aren’t so big that large change is noticeable. As they add up, the divergence from the way you used to make choices becomes greater even if you are still just making minor little changes – they add up to the point that you look over and can see how big the difference is… and then others around you will begin to notice, too.

    • Two scenarios usually happen then:
      • You get scared because things are so far from what you would have previously considered within the normal range.
      • Others want you to return to how they knew you or how they expect you to be. You’ve changed the rules and they don’t know what to think about it.

    What to do about it? Loop back up to the top of the article and use your tools to remain centered within: yoga, meditation, walking…

          This bigger energy hurdle will continue for another couple of weeks and then it will smooth out. Hang in there and breathe. Also, noticing the beauty around you can really help put things in perspective.

          Focus Within

          Okay, multiple reports from multiple sources: It wasn’t as easy this month as many had anticipated. Change can be easy, it really depends on where you place your focus.

          Your Inner Truth

          There are several factors… as usual. What causes energetic turbulance? The main answer is:

          • INCONGRUENCE ~ This is the umbrella answer. Sub-categories are:
            • To Self: resulting in mixed emotions, fear of rejection, lack of self respect, external referencing, feeling paralyzed…
            • To Your Own Choices: resulting in second guessing, failure to realize your goals, feeling betrayed by life, confusion as to why things aren’t unfolding as anticipated…
            • To Your Ideals: resulting in low self worth, bitterness and jaded feelings towards ‘the system,’ justified, dis-empowered…

          Sure there’s more, but lets just chew on that for a bit. Instead, lets consider the ‘Wild Card’ factors:

          • Your level of self-awareness – The stakes get higher and choices can be both easier and harder depending on your congruence
          • Your level of education – This is not about having a PhD, although that can have implications of its own. Possibly unexpectedly, you should be aware that there can be huge problems coming from the amount of self-help & spiritual workshopy type of information you reference.

          No matter where you get your information, the most important reference point has to be yourself!

          This may seem like a no-brainer and you may be saying, “Of course, I always reference within,” but I urge you to double check. When life is throwing curve balls at you, start by assessing what kind of inner talk is happening and what kinds of feelings are coming up. Clues indicating incongruence:

          • You didn’t think life would be like this… and aren’t happy with the outcome.
          • You feel ‘at fault’ and like if you’d been better or done some mysterious ‘right’ thing that your circumstances would be different.
          • You apply principles on faith and are unhappy with the result.

          These may seem wishy-washy, but that’s because the causal dynamic is just as wishy-washy. You can’t peg your identity, choices and life on a wishy-washy or ‘feel-good’ dynamic. It won’t hold up! More importantly – It won’t hold You up in times of trial… And I’m not talking about ‘being tested’ as so many esoteric teachers are fond of saying.

          So, what of it? Where are the nuts & bolts of what’s going on?

          The faster you can tune in => Deeply <= (and that needs to be stressed because we’re not talking about ‘feelings’ here) the faster you can feel the flow of life. ‘Life’ will still happen to you, but you will have a resilience that will keep everything from feeling like a judgment and a sentence. Life will *not* look the same and it will be a shock at first, but once you get used to operating from a place of flow, this ‘new reality’ won’t seem so foreign.

          Looking forward… It looks to me to be very similar, to last month with the visual of changes / choices overlapping like shingles. You can take a ‘time out’ to assess, but the flow doesn’t seem to be affected by this much and if we compare the energy flow to water, moving with it will seem to afford more ease and grace than trying to stop mid-stream or more difficult yet, to go against the tide. Curiously, if you are moving at the same rate as the flow, you will appear to be and it will seem to you like there isn’t much de-stabilizing motion because you are ‘in synch’. A practical example would be the start of the school year: You can go with it, or decide to think about it, but school is still in session.

          Change Change Change

          August update on the Energy News. Highlighting dynamics of change. Read the rest of this entry »
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