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Mobile Office: Sunshine

This year has been another 180 degree turn from where I thought I’d be and what I thought I’d be doing. I must be slow because even though it is a common occurrence, I haven’t come to expect it, yet.

Sunshine / Banff

They stopped traffic to cross the road into Banff

My older son is doing his level 2 ski coaching and had no way to get to the hill on time. “Mom!” was the call that went out and so the mobile office is at Sunshine / Banff, again.

They are everywhere on the way to Sunshine ski hill.

*******Unexpectedly, it’s quite therapeutic to get away from the “usual routine”… if that’s what it could be called. ~ Odd jobs have been required this year, including house painting and a whole host of unexpected events. This has caused a stall in my aims for my timeline, but it was build to be flexible NOT accidentally.

Sunshine lower lodge & gondola.

This hiatus has created a little space to get caught up on in my online world and complete updates. What an incredible Blessing to have this opportunity in this setting, gently brought to the forefront so that connecting can be easy AND fun!


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