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6 Responses to “Contact”

  • Hi Nina,

    just wanted to put in a comment about the workshops and enter the contest!

    What did I learn? well, mountains of information to be had here – was it nearly a year ago this all started? or was it longer? I’m not sure, but although I have not been able to attend many of the workshops in this last series, over the past year I have learned more than I that possible. There are so many modalities of therapy, healing and learning. To me, they have a common source, that within, and no modality is THE right one – they all offer wisdom, healing and choice. It’s wonderful to find what resonates with you and to be able to offer ideas, choices to clients as a source for them for whatever their need – healing, learning, moving forward, being still…
    And how will I use the information? well, I have been using much of it now for some time – offering it to clients (massage, yoga, reflexology) and to friends. I will continue to pass on as much as I can – I am so pleased to have brought the connection to you with Megan and Yoga Hub – I have also connected with a studio in Albany, New Zealand (north island) having attended yoga workshops with them, and have sent on the connections. I think you are making it around the world (and beyond!).

    all the best, and thank you for providing this incredible service. I am on my way to back to Canada for a couple of months…reconnecting there.

    Paula Sheridan

    • Nina:

      Dear Paula, it’s good to hear from you.
      Yes, it has been just a year and 50 (!) interviews! Thank you for all of your feedback all the way along and I too am glad to have found a connection to Megan & YogaHub through you.

      If you are near Calgary when you come back, look me up. 🙂 Imagine meeting in real person after finding out we were almost like neighbors.

      I think the only way to reach around the world is by holding hands.
      With smiles, Nina

  • Ramona Maiolino:

    I have been trying to get into the blog to enter the contest, however, nothing opens up.
    Is this where I would put my comments?

    Nonetheless, here goes:

    Energy is all around us, in us. Chi,or QI, or prana, or ki, are all energy terms. Deep, slow breathing helps the energy to develop. As we breathe slowly and deeply we begin to feel the energy within. Practicing Tai Chi or QiGong daily develops the breath and energy within, building strength and health. I have been practicing Tai Chi and QiGong for 22 years and have become more flexible, physically and mentally. The Layers of Health seminars have contributed to other facets of my life, and I have enjoyed the different sessions.

    • Nina:

      Dear Ramona,
      Thanks for your comments. That is just fine. I appreciate your input.

      My plan was to have people post on the speaker blogs that interested them the most and they are all prefaced with “LOH: …” It seems to have worked better in my mind than in real life since several people have expressed confusion. I appreciate your perspective and thanks again for persevering.
      All the best, Nina

  • LOH: I’m just ecstatic about LOH interviews with Nina Wallinder. I’ve only been tuning in for the past couple of weeks and my consciousness has been expanded tremendously. I am inspired by the genuineness of Nina and her guests and am encouraged to keep on keeping on by the information I am hearing that validates what I am so desperately trying to live. This has come at a very bleak chapter of my life and it so soothes my aching soul. Most importantly I am seeing how I can share this wonderful gift, LOH, with my clients by referring them to appropriate services that enhance my work with them, helping them carry on further into their personal journey. Also, I have always been a very curious holistic health practitioner perpetually taking the plunge in the learning of many modalities. So in spite of being licensed in Acupuncture, Massage, Esthetics and absolutely favoring CranioSacral Therapy, my office wall swells with certificates in yoga, personal training, acutonics, feng shui, aromatherapy, nutrition, etc. So because I accept that everything is energy and that the divine universal family always provides endless tools for successful, joyful travels through our minds, souls and spirit on our way “home”, I am excited to being introduced to learning and being aware of so much more beyond my imagination. Thank you Nina Wallinder. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing so graciously. Thank you for caring. Thank you for opening your heart. Thank you with all my heart.

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