April 2010

Responsibility, quite frankly, freaked me out… There is so much ground to cover and I envisioned taking over the world… I mean taking responsibility for the world…


Responsibility is a huge topic! We looked at a lot of angles with this call: ……… ….Homelessness – Family – Self-Expectations – Physiology – Archetypes…

The word itself really lends itself to our comments about presence:

  • Responsibility -> responsible -> respond
  • No mention of reacting, of being trapped, of feeling obligated
  • It is a presence. It can be found in silence…

The definition that seemed most appropriate seemed to make the most sense for our purposes: The ability to self-reference in honor of your surroundings and honor of others.

Self-centered is a good thing: To be centered within your spiritual center inside yourself. Being in the moment, each response that you will take is different because each moment is different.

Each moment is different and therefore we need to be present & responsible for new choices in the Now. “Nuggets” seem to be at the center of our Responsibility process. Honor is the key and wisdom is the reward.

Your Homework From:

  • Nina: Evaluate and assess conceptually what are you responsible for in your prosperity consciousness: family, bills… prosperity: personal meaning… beyond the $
  • Barbara: Be responsible to yourself to stop for 5 or 10 min in your day. Allow the silence with yourself (or do her included meditation)

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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