August 2010

Friendship, working relationships, romantic relationships… for the purchase of needs & wants… as perceived value of self & others… Our currencies vary & it’s about way more than $$Money$$! What do you value?


Energy is designed to move and flow and relates to our topic of currency in every way. Hoarding & clutter or lack of honor & superficial motivation lead to stagnation and un-fulfillment.

Of course there are many other currencies than money. Currency can be considered:

  • As a reference point for practical purposes
  • As a value system for personal purposes

Your motivation and inner awareness are key. It is interesting to note the different currencies in different circumstances: family, friends, work… humanity. Currencies can evolve through your life in archetypal terms:

  • Children: Fun
  • Teens: Freedom
  • Adults: (?) What is your currency?

There are different currencies for your different roles in the world (comparative currencies of 4D) and yet, the primary and single most important currency comes from your deepest identity where you also achieve fulfillment & peace.


  • Barbara: De-clutter & simplify
  • Nina: Evaluate someone else’s currency and evaluate how to honor that and be true to yourself at the same time.
Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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