February 2010

I am grateful for my friend Barbara who joins me in these conversations. I am grateful for this forum in which to grow and expand together.


Gratitude from the physical feelings, the emotional feelings and the mental thought processes are related to the impact on your personal electro-magnetic field and the dynamic of attraction.

What Gratitude Is and what it Is Not:

  • It is an experience through the heart (not the intellect)
  • Thoughts of gratitude lead to Soul growth (foundational)
  • It is not a type of debt and it has ‘no strings attached’

Barb and I believe that everyone has an innate inner desire, from a Soul level to be in a field of gratitude. Physical feelings of stress, pain, tension can add to our feelings of separation if, as Barbara mentioned, we hold that type of attitude.

Barbara shared a magical experience, from which I moved into a spontaneous guided meditative exercise that can help you develop your sense of Gratitude.

Gratitude is a core / foundational energetic principle and if honored to your deepest possible level, the impact in your life and the lives of those around you can be beneficially exponential. Here we concluded that, if everybody was invested at this level, World Peace is possible.

So, your Homework is:
Take your feeling of Gratitude & offer it creatively within your Community.
Continue your gratitude journal from January 2010.

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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