July 2010

I’ve made a memo to turn off technology… right after this blog… and a few emails… and a the website(s) updates… and a couple of text messages that need sending… then I should probably tweet that I’m ‘going dark’… You know, it seems like it’s easier to be bombarded, than choose happy and quiet sanctuary.


There are so many reasons that people have for being unhappy: guilt, obligation, judgment, seriousness, poor sense of worth, wishful thinking… There are physical-chemical reasons, too. Practical response: You can make different choices:

  • Cut gossip & sarcasm out of your life
  • Honor what makes your hear sing. Ex. Love writing? Start a journal…
  • Take the first steps in learning how to be happy
  • Consult a professional

It is interesting to note that happiness is polarized. This means that it has a strong opposite in sadness or depression. It is notable that in my experience those living the negative side of this polarity field are often Highly Sensitive & have a Huge Capacity for Joy, although unrealized.

Barbara’s homework:

  1. Create a personal prayer to honor the abundance present in your life and do it for 30 days.
  2. Evaluate your ‘happiness quotient’ before & after.

Nina’s homework:

  1. An exercise by Martin Seligman: For 10 days write down 3 positive things that happened in your day AND why they happened.
  2. Laugh: rent a movie, read a funny book, have fun with friends…

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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