May 2010

Prosperity, defined as something that you are, not something that you: achieve, get, acquire… is tied into every aspect of your life on many levels.

Prosperity (Manifestation, Abundance…)

We took the holistic approach to this topic: friendships, money, fulfillment… In it’s truest form it is integrated within Body, Mind & Soul. With this comes feelings of confidence, inspiration & motivation! However, without congruence, you can’t get anywhere.

  • You may end up with money, but no satisfaction.
  • You may end up with work, but poor cash flow.
  • It will always seem out of balance.

Clarity was addressed because cloudy thoughts or wishy-washy -ness will undermine your energy flow. For the Prosperity to energetically flow within you and your life, appropriate ‘scaffolding’ needs to be in place and includes:

  • Decisiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Self-respect

There is no part of your life that isn’t affected by your beliefs, conscious & unconscious, about Prosperity! It is that critical. “Life happens” and the better Prosperity Flow Structure you have in place, the easier it will be for you to generate a re-direction of flow away from eroding energy patterns and into creativity.

Barbara’s homework: Contemplate statements like, “I am prosperous. I am abundant.”
Nina’s homework: Assess your clutter. Get rid of one thing: sell it, give it away or trash it.
** I hijacked Barbara’s homework and re-interpreted it to be, “Sing the ‘I Love Money’ song.” (Just like I did on the call ~ One of my finer moments, I would say.)

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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