November 2010

Hard work at being present versus the ease of being in the flow: Nina Referred to ‘Positive Autopilot’ and Barbara spoke of a Presence that ‘minimized the mountains.’

Time (Beauty & Awareness)

Although our intended topic was time, it’s been given a sub-title of “Beauty & Awareness” since our focus evolved.

Knowing yourself and your heart centered space can be difficult when wading through boredom, fear or low self-esteem. Often we then template on other’s values as a default

Your focus is incredibly important:

  • Suffering as entertainment lowers your interpretation of ‘normal,’ numbs you & distances you from your Highest Potential
  • Skill development or other proactive actions to enhance beauty helps to open up the best possible version of your future.

Faster / sooner isn’t better and allowing for what is appropriate instead has the most ease & grace. There can’t be an expectation on something you’ve never experienced or tried since you and those around you are always changing & growing.

The journal activity noted in a safe / personally sacred space can be greatly assistive in personal awareness. Time, the journey and process are critical for transformation.

Homework: Play with Time & Allowing

  • Be witness to time so you can be aware of how your conscious choices impact how fast or slow things happen in your life.
  • Notice how specific events impact your life as ‘pegged’ on the timeline.
  • You need to be present, because if you aren’t, you won’t be able to do the exercise.

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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