October 2010

Inner knowingness, acceptance of responsibility, acceptance of what is, realistic, balanced, anchored, motivated, creative, well paced… These are some of the words used to define this month’s topic:


True empowerment comes from an appropriately self-centered place where external ‘props’ do not hold undue influence over your sense of well being. Some common props include:

  • Approval from others: boss, spouse, friends
  • Shopping: clothes etc.
  • Food: consuming unconsciously

False empowerment will leave you feeling empty, unfulfilled, like you need to chase the next exciting person or event. Although emotions are a rich part of life and living, empowerment is not about chasing the good feelings or running away from the bad. Empowerment will sustain you and it was compared to sugar:

  • Real empowerment is similar to complex carbohydrates which will sustain your energy levels
  • False empowerment is similar to simple sugar which will give you a fast rush, but drop you just a quickly

There is a flow and a positive foundational spiral that comes from experiencing empowerment that enhances & builds your confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Holding your Higher Vision helps you maintain personal congruence and build upon this feedback loop:

Empowered Feeling –> Empowered Choices –> Empowered Action

Homework this month: With a skill you already have:

  • Hone it, Enhance it & Share it.
  • For optional reading you can look into Martin Seligman on confidence through competence.

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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