March 2011

As opposed to extroversion or charisma, personal presence allows you the ability to see with a ‘clear lens.’ Without presence, you have no place from which to start as a baseline for self and outer understanding.


Constant noise and busy-ness pull you out of your presence in this moment and cause you to disperse your energy along the timeline: both past and future. Among other benefits, you can only heal from the present moment.

Without presence, you will feel and notice time lost, being carried away by life, confusion and an inability to connect with others. There are energy ‘power surges’ which feel like a roller coaster. Common mis-understandings arise from clichés such as ‘raising your vibration’ or meditating more to change your life.

With presence you will notice richness and meaning. Two key elements on the Spiritual path & in holding presence include sincerity & simplicity. Presence is Power.

An interesting perspective: If I know nothing, What do I see? Wipe slate clean: no history, no judgment. What do you feel?

Thank you Barbara for the 6 minute exercise.


Barbara: 1) Use the computer to surf a handful of sites. Check in an hour after you get offline and re-assess how much of your energy is still in the internet. 2) Re. Prosperity: as an inner state of being, feel your abundance from the center of your own body radiating outward. Ask, “Do I feel it everyday?”

Nina: Notice when people tune out when talking with you. Assess your own listening skills.

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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