May 2011

As an Archtype or a process of Self-Awareness, growth is inherent in being a witness and noticing your anxiety, anger and other uncomfortable emotions are indicators to look closer.

The Witness

When events, feelings or interactions come up that call for a Witness, it is critically important to have acknowledgment. It is also important to meet ‘IT’ where it is AT. This requires freedom from:

  • Judgment of every kind
  • Commiserating through emotions
  • Comparisons to other things

Without being present, you will not be an effective witness, nor will you be able to develop in self awareness. If you are charged with emotion, you won’t be able to elevate anyone else out of it.

Tangled energy manifesting in fear, confusion and upset can make everything seem more complicated than it is, but there really isn’t anything ‘new under the sun.’ Ask for help because it is important to get to the core issue and to allow your innate wisdom to shine through.

Enjoy the 10+ minute Bonus exercise on awareness guided by Nina.


Barbara: Slow down, no multi-tasking and be present in the moment. Work to be present for 3 days and notice how often you project into the future.

Nina: Since things are ‘easier’ than people, Witness what you have created in your living space. See it with the eyes of a stranger and meet it where it is at.

Value: $7 USD for the .mp3 audio download (+gst for Canadians)

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