Energy Bootcamp

Are you new to energy modalities
And don’t know where to start?
– Or –

Have you studied different techniques,
practiced affirmations and meditation

– And STILL aren’t noticing
Significant Change in your life?

If so…


I found it to be very valuable, and exciting! ~ Meg

Every Aspect of Your Life is Governed by the
Dimensional Layers of Reality!

Every day, well meaning, big-hearted people, trying to find fulfillment and make a positive change in their world, find that widely promoted tools and techniques don’t work for them!

These commonly accepted tools, such as affirmations and visualizations, are known to work – and yet, through no lack of effort or intention, most fail to see their desired results.

I thought your descriptions of dimensional realities was extremely well organized and so jam packed with ideas that I couldn’t imagine listening to it in any other manner than to keep pausing and taking notes. ~ Tim

There are Three Main Reasons that this happens to holistic health practitioners, energy workers and those in compassionate care roles.

Now there is a class that addresses:

  • These 3 main reasons
  • The energetic structure which acts as a reference point
  • Creating personal understanding by working with some tools

Something about your talk just sparked something. I feel it like an opening, a new fresh space is there, available to me in the moment. ~ Ellen

Energy techniques, philosophies, science and theory can be confusing as well as being personally limiting. Conscious understanding in working with these dimensions allows you to empower:

  • Your Choices!
  • Your Circumstances!
  • Your Life!

This approach to Health is inclusive in nature with respect for multiple modalities, individual experiences and understanding. This context for Health also allows for exploration and honor both inwardly and outwardly on Your Life Journey.

I’ve heard different people talking about how to succeed or self improvement, but Nina’s approach seems to be much more interesting, as she goes straight into the interaction of the mind and body, thus allowing us to better understand what is going on. Excellent approach! ~ From Global Teleclass

She is very intelligent and has a definite command of her subject & is a wonderful orator. I enjoyed following the meditation with her. ~ From Global Teleclass

=>> Sounds Great! What are My Choices? <<=

** Audio 1: The Structure of the Dimensional Layers

This is the “What” – This class includes:

  • The 3 Most Important Dimensional Layers to You (and More!)
  • Reveals Your Key Gift
  • Runtime: 70:03

** Audio 2: Creating Your Personal Experience

This is an introduction to the “How” – This class is experiential in nature as we work with conscious awareness within the multi-dimensional model so that you can personally experience the energetic subtleties influencing your life.

  • Why Popular Tools Often Don’t Work!
  • Exercises in Subtle Awareness
  • Meditation Experience
  • Runtime: 60:33

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With your new found understanding, you will begin to appreciate the impacts of the subtle layers on your life. With this foundation and through that appreciation & application, the aim is for you to empower your awareness to first see the grace in your life, and from there be able to navigate everyday challenges with the maximum amount of ease.

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