Managing 4D

Managing the 4th Dimension: Time, Roles & Emotions

This course is for anybody who wants a deeper exploration of how to navigate the forth dimension as it is symbolically presented. Each audio will cover one of the topics of Time, Roles and Emotions.

  • Time, although marked by minutes gets away from us or can seem to move at a snails pace.
    • We reflect through our past and vision our future.
    • We sometimes mark our life’s progress through our age or stages of life.
    • This class includes an inner visioning exercise.
    • Duration 1:42:35
  • Roles and interpersonal dynamics need to be empowered, otherwise we feel used and unseen.
    • This class includes a meditation to center within in order to own our presence.
    • Duration 1:24:00
  • Emotions are a roller-coaster.
    • The interplay of the emotional body and the mental body are explored along with the energetic consequences.
    • We explore how this dynamic impacts relationships and our perception of time.
    • Duration 1:37:00

Managing 4D is a companion class to “The Context: A Practical Guide to Metaphysics” which briefly touches on the 4th Dimension. Click here to read more about Managing 4D!

Value: $247 USD (Canadians +gst)

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