Tangled Energy Lines

So, how come life isn’t working out when you are doing all the right things?

You’ve read the books, taken some programs, and you’ve been relying on your common sense. My bet is that you are a kind-hearted & genuine person who doesn’t quite understand why the pieces aren’t all coming together.

Tangled Energy Lines: Doing it Right & Getting it Wrong

With subtle energy inter-permeating All Life, knowing where the lines of energy are coming from and going to can shed a lot of light on your understanding. This class will help you:

  • Make sense of different techniques & philosophies
  • See the perfect (and only) starting place
  • Begin to find fulfillment, contentment & inner peace.

Joining in to find out about this Structure of Understanding is appropriate for You, if You:

  • Are Beginning to question & look for different views of reality, (seeking)
  • Have started on an inner journey and want more, (exploring)
  • Are experienced in metaphysical exploration, but don’t have the life they want. (veterans)

This class touches on the highlights of key foundational information. This foundation creates a context within which many other systems, ideas and modalities can fit into and helps you maintain a healthy reference point within your life allowing for safe exploration, healthy introspection & ease of your life’s journey.

Value: $27 USD (+GST for Canadians)

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