Balancing Through Breath

~ Originally designed for YogaHub in their Movement & Meditation room, this audio will help with information integration in three key centers. Runtime: 19:32

This Audio is:

  • A set of 3 exercises with a 4th integrating exercise
  • Breath oriented and aimed at cores for: Mental, Heart & Emotion
  • Personally Aligning and Balancing

Value: $17 via instant download (+GST for Canadians)

Earth: Plant & Breath Meditation

~ This meditation is heart centered and breath oriented and is designed to reinforce the heart connection with the Earth. Runtime 19 min.

There is a connecting focus with:

  • Plant life with the beautiful hues of green
  • The atmosphere with the relational flows of air
  • The earth in mutual support
* Read the Blog about this meditation

Value: $17 via instant download (+GST for Canadians)

Grace & Care Meditation

~ Originally created at the request of Suzanne Holman, a LOH speaker from July 09, for the benefit of those who give care to others. As we are all Global Citizens, each of us cares for the other and will benefit from this meditative exercise. Runtime 25:27

It is designed to assist you in:

  • Looking at *your life with fresh eyes while exploring inward
  • Decreasing *your stress
  • Creating a greater sense of Empowerment, Connectedness & Perspective
* Read the Blog about this meditation

Value: $17 via instant download (+GST for Canadians)

Success: Energy Triad for Creating the Life that You Want Meditation

~ This meditation utilizes aspect of self to generate the structure needed for manifesting. Runtime 14:57

This powerfully enhances Self:

  • Through a connection with Wisdom & Success
  • And is creative, supportive & loving
  • Flowing with gratitude

Value: $17 via instant download (+GST for Canadians)

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