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LOH: Dr Leslie Feinberg

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Dr. Les Feinberg on Neuromodulation Technique, The Feinberg Method for the "Body Harmony" series. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Ossie & Elaine Rentsch

Although the precise moves of this gentle and non-invasive technique are very important, the 2-20 minute breaks in between them are equally important!

Bowtech: The Original Bowen Therapy

Useless moves! Ossie & Elaine both joked at this mis-perception. Indeed, it’s almost like nothing could be happening from these little, deliberate moves. However profound changes can be happening for the patient. Some complaints that have been treated include:

  • Sport injury or accidents & muscle pain
  • Asthma, chronic fatigue, TMJ dysfunction
  • Constipation / diarrhea, headaches
  • Blocked lymph flow, kidneys

Bowenwork is nationally recognized in Australia with practitioners and teachers around the world. It is a hands on, soft tissue technique that assists the patient, from a whole body point of view, to quickly to move the patient from a state of over-stimulation to one where there can be positive impacts on levels of body, mind & spirit.

There are few contra-indications for this modality and it can even be used for self-care. Bowtech is taught in modules and there are many endorsed classes:

  • 1-2 can be used at home by the lay person & is foundational
  • 3-7 includes detailed practitioner training
  • 8-11 are advanced studies

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