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Tangled Energy Lines

With subtle energy inter-permeating all life, knowing where the lines of energy are coming from and going to can shed a lot of light on your understanding. Read the rest of this entry »

Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman's sneak peek free event for her new Magnetizing Meditations program. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Joanna Garzilli

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Joanna Garzilli on "Energy Management: Stop the Drain" for the Good Vibrations teleseminar series. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Cyndi Dale

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Cyndi Dale on Energetic Boundaries as a part of the Spirit & Energy 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Carole Friesen

Layers of Health interview from Read the rest of this entry »

Energy Dynamic ~ Response Request

Even with the current seminar series in full swing, I couldn’t not notice the energies of this last week. This is a request for feedback on any exceptional events / occurrences / changes that have been going on for You.

Window of Opportunity

This has been utterly fascinating since I’ve been noticing a pressure / flow for the last month or so… I’d say into early February. (You can check back issues of this newsletter.) For me it has been building in Gratitude and of course since I follow my nose, I chose to amplify that sense with the events and choices in front of me and I consciously put on my ‘gratitude colored glasses.’

Well, it is reaching epic proportion where people in general are looking *so good to me! And my family is getting a bit tired of it – except my husband. In real terms, my boys just roll their eyes when I come at them for another hug… and they’ve taken to running away… but not far (and it’s become a great way to unify them when they are bickering – sorry for the aside).

Their response made me suspect that the energy movement might be on more of a personal level, causing me to largely ignore it as far as a radar blip of energetic signatures… except that the energetic influences on others in my more immediate field started showing ‘signs and symptoms’ of this same frequency.

It’s not a necessarily a love fest of hugs, but more like an invisible door(s) that we chose to pass through. I noticed it last about a week (we’re still in the tailings of the energy, but not for long since it’s pretty much done) with the cresting point feeling strongest around last Wednesday March 10. It was just after that when I noticed the largest ‘whoosh’ of manifestation in my life and the reverberations of decisions made and repercussions waving through people.

It has been another period of more than usual crisis calls from people looking for bearings & assistance in clearing the fog. It was absolutely amazing to be able to watch them, unassisted by me except in the wings as an observer, literally choose one door and then *change their minds mid-stride*, once the energies had *already been engaged*.

This is rare.

This is also not easy. So, Congratulations to those who are choosing their Higher Vision as the guiding light in creating the lives they want. As a general statement, there is never a better moment to do it than NOW, and your courage to continue doing this is to be commended.

This brought up the topic of where to place your attention. It has to be sort of divided and united on three general fronts:

  1. The Higher Vision: Soul stuff such as: “To be you” & “To help the world”
  2. The Horizon Point: Your goals such as: career, relationship, money, health
  3. The Now: You are where you are with what you have. These are your tools and where you have to start in taking the first step towards your goals.

To be distorted on these fronts would end up as ‘pie in the sky’ dreaming, Longing or the shadow manifestation, ungroundedness.

To be single minded on one of these fronts would leave you self-centered, a dreamer, lost feeling.

To be aligned with these three will speed manifestation, fulfillment, wisdom.

It looks like we just came through a door and I’m curious as to what direction you took, how it affected you and the decisions you made and why. Feel free to post on the blog so the reference can be clear for more people at large. If you’re shy, you can post anonymously or reply to me.

LOH: Nina Wallinder Nov09

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LOH: Nina Wallinder July09

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LOH: Faye Fitzgerald

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