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Self(s) Healing Telexperience

Self(s) Healing Telexperience announcement. Scheduled for Oct 16, this is a powerful healing by medical intuitive Rhonda Lenair (aka Self(s)). Read the rest of this entry »

Tori Hartman

Special offer from LOH (future) speaker Tori Hartman for her Color Wisdom cards. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Richard Gordon

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Richard Gordon on Quantum Touch for the Spirit & Energy series 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Hannelore

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Hannelore on The Power of Your 6th Sense: The Power of Your Intuition for the Spirit & Energy series 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Lenair Self(s) Telexperience

Rhonda Lenair aka Self(s) has been known as a “Healer of Addictions” and since 1987 she has helped over 30,000 people, one by one, to overcome self-sabotaging behaviours.

These healings have come to be known as Self(s) Healing Experiences or SHEs and her work is expanding to include more group work.

Group SHE Telexperience June 12

When: June 12 at 11 am Eastern time
Format: Teleconference or Streaming Audio via Webcast – you choose
Replay: This is a live event no replay available
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Cost: $45 (Extreme Value => A 20 minute 1:1 appointment costs $425)
An audio copy of this group experience will be offered for sale after the call.

Take me to the sign up page for this LOH sponsored event!

** How’s this going to work? What kind of healing will happen?

The names of the registrants will be submitted to Rhonda so that she can hold them in her attention. Via distance, she will begin to voice what is appropriate for this unique group to hear. Hearing Self(s) languaged sounds a lot like poetry…

In fact, some of this language has been referred to as Poemantra: Lyrical like a Poem & calibrating like a Mantra.

There are not the same results as a focused, in-person appointment and it is impossible to make any promises. To get an idea of how it may sound, there is a link to the BlogTalkRadio podcasts where they have examples.

** A Group SHE is different than an in person appointment.

The Group Experience is different from the 1:1 sessions because instead of reflecting one person with their specific concerns in detail, Rhonda Reflects the group as a whole.

Rhonda is known as Self(s) because she explains that each individual self is separate and the healing occurs when she BioElectrically, through her physiology, reflects the whole and complete Self(s) inclusive.

Take me to the sign up page for this LOH sponsored event!

** Who goes to see Rhonda as Self(s) and Why?

Rhonda has treated royalty, celebrities, doctors & ‘everyday folks.’ Rhonda’s work has been featured by:

  • Massage & Bodywork Magazine
  • Wisdom Magazine & Elle Magazine
  • Dr. Christine Northrup

Rhonda is not medically trained, but she sees doctors, too. People have seen her for:

Abuse & Trauma, ADD/ADHD, Alcoholism (and excessive or binge drinking), Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Fears, Gambling, Marijuana, Physical Issues, Relationship Issues, Sexual Disorders, Smoking, Stress, Weight and Food Issues

Take me to the sign up page for this LOH sponsored event!

** What is a Self(s) Healing?

This Experience is unique and one way you can begin to define it is by what it’s Not! It’s not:

  • Hypnotherapy or a medical program
  • Talk Therapy (psychology, counseling or psychiatry)
  • A multi-step program or machine bio-feedback

Beyond that, you don’t have to believe in it, understand it or the root of your concern. They have such success with Alcoholism in particular, that they offer a guarantee if you follow through with their 1:1 program!

Read more at the website
Click to hear more from BlogTalkRadio

Take me to the sign up page for this LOH sponsored event!

Nina Wallinder, Soul Sight Services & Layers of Health are in no way responsible for your healing experience which is relaxation in nature.

LOH: Rhonda Lenair

Layers of Health interview by Nina Wallinder with Rhonda (Self(s)) & Barry Lenair about the Self(s) Healing Experience which, among other things, can heal addiction with ease. Read the rest of this entry »

LOH: Judith Kravitz

Layers of Health interview on Transformational Breathing with Dr Judith Kravitz and hosted by Nina Wallinder for the Spirit & Energy Teleseminar Series 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Reiki III



Reiki III is my favourite level to facilitate because although the content is quite deep and the experience intense, there is a real sense of joy that I notice every time.

Weekend Intensive

This group was very focused and since they came from different Reiki II groups, I have to say I’m impressed with their foundation and perspectives. They are keen and they are generous of Spirit with an open minded and open hearted approach.

They were strongly sensitive to the energies and all were able to perceive to a great degree both personal and external energy dynamics.



One of my favorite questions had to do with the concept of ‘Grounding’ and the nature of Earth’s Energy. Beyond that, there were technical concepts explored around process, flow and free will.

They have become skilled at advanced techniques, passing attunements for healing as well as each level. This is a lot to integrate and master in a weekend and they did wonderfully.

Thank you ladies for sharing your insights and gifts this weekend.

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