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Mobile Office: Sunshine

This year has been another 180 degree turn from where I thought I’d be and what I thought I’d be doing. I must be slow because even though it is a common occurrence, I haven’t come to expect it, yet.

Sunshine / Banff

They stopped traffic to cross the road into Banff

My older son is doing his level 2 ski coaching and had no way to get to the hill on time. “Mom!” was the call that went out and so the mobile office is at Sunshine / Banff, again.

They are everywhere on the way to Sunshine ski hill.

*******Unexpectedly, it’s quite therapeutic to get away from the “usual routine”… if that’s what it could be called. ~ Odd jobs have been required this year, including house painting and a whole host of unexpected events. This has caused a stall in my aims for my timeline, but it was build to be flexible NOT accidentally.

Sunshine lower lodge & gondola.

This hiatus has created a little space to get caught up on in my online world and complete updates. What an incredible Blessing to have this opportunity in this setting, gently brought to the forefront so that connecting can be easy AND fun!


Mobile Office: One of the Masses

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Mobile Office: The Spa

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Mobile Office: Up North

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Mobile Office: Casino

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Mobile Office: Continuum

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Mobile office: Heading for the Hills

Looking Up the Hill

Well, the confession is that a year of sitting added 10 lbs to my ‘bottom line.’ I refuse to buy new clothes because I was too focused on work to notice my shape change.

Fitness Challenge

I love hills. I love stairs. I think it is my ‘inner mountain-goat’ looking for fulfillment!

I took a break because of comments Emilie Conrad made about ‘forward thrust’ type of movement on her first LOH interview, but it’s still fun! She’ll probably give me some ‘what-for’ when I see her for her course here in Calgary next week. 🙂

Me & My Youngest

After staring at the computer all day, it clears the mind, moves the circulation and balances the energies coming from decisions, deadlines & new ideas.

A friend recently engaged me in a ‘fitness challenge.’ We have yet to hash out the details, but it will likely involve 10 lbs & willpower. Are you in?

The picture on the upper right better reflects the grade since the picture on the left makes it look pretty wimpy. I plod up the hill for ‘endurance training’ and my son sprints up the hill for ‘power training.’

Nina on Mop Up

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

In the past, some doubt has been extended as to my resume.

At the best fitness level of my life, I was a ski coach, competitive tennis player (some badminton) and did mop-up in forest fire fighting. It seems to be the forest fire fighting that throws people, so I dug out an old photo taken on a burn by my old crew boss ‘Huffy.’

It’s a photo of a photo and so isn’t the greatest quality, but you can see that I even have the same haircut! I remember telling true ghost stories occasionally on the overnight burns.

Summer Solstice

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"Spring" Update at the Mobile Office

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Earth Day at the Mobile Office

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