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Nan Akasha: Removing Wealth Blocks

As one of my favorite Layers of Health speakers, Nan Akasha teaches about wealth, abundance and $$. And as a part of her new launch, YOU can get Lots of Free Stuff from Nan!!

Nan may have lost her mind…

But that’s Good News for YOU – because she is giving away samples of her three newest programs

Grab yours before she comes to her senses & stops giving this away – it’s here:

Nan’s World Wide Wave of Abundance! 

Seriously – she may not have lost her mind, but she is giving away a lot of value for free…

These free samples will install new positive programming into your life that will increase your magnetic attraction to wealth & reveal blocks that are stopping the flow of abundance into your life…

Go grab it all here: Attract Uncommon Wealth with Nan!

Remember that part of being wealthy is being excellent at receiving – so get over there now & grab your free samples now & start being more attractive to wealth.

Tangled Energy Lines

With subtle energy inter-permeating all life, knowing where the lines of energy are coming from and going to can shed a lot of light on your understanding. Read the rest of this entry »

YogaHub: Doors Closing

Yogahub pre-event special offer final notice. Doors closing Nov 30 midnight. Read the rest of this entry »

Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman's sneak peek free event for her new Magnetizing Meditations program. Read the rest of this entry »

Women: Brilliance & Prosperity Event

Nan Akasha's Enlightened Wealthy Women Tele-Summit Starts November 2. Read more to find out how you can join! Read the rest of this entry »


Events notice for Hannelore & pre-release announcement of an audio gift. Read the rest of this entry »

Suzanne Holman: Brain Health

Suzanne’s interest in brain research goes back many years.  She taught psychology with focus on the brain at the college level, had nutrition studies at Cornell University, was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor for women, and went through the Alzheimer’s journey with her own mother who passed away last year.

Jump Start Course for Your Brain! (click)

What Suzanne does for you is distill the latest research she’s studied and share with you what would be most helpful for you personally. Optimizing your brain is important not only to avoid Alzheimer’s disease but to have a purposeful, joyous life.  Feel better by getting more clarity!

Expect to Experience:

  • Assessment: Where you are now & what you would like to see different in your life
  • Making a Custom Plan: With Action Steps that will support you in making changes you desire
  • Discovering: Small changes can make a huge difference in your memory, focus, and clear thinking
Format: 3 live classes
When: November 17, December 8 & December 15, 2010
>> Click here to find out more!

Suzanne’s programs are fantastic!!! She is an incredible resource of information and tools that make understanding how the brain works interesting and fun! ~ Norma Reid

YogaHub Sneak Peek

Notice for the YogaHub Virtual Conference "Sneak Peek." Free registration for the Peek which is on Oct 28, Nov 4 & Nov 11. Nina will be presenting on Nov 11. Read the rest of this entry »

Self(s) Healing Telexperience

Self(s) Healing Telexperience announcement. Scheduled for Oct 16, this is a powerful healing by medical intuitive Rhonda Lenair (aka Self(s)). Read the rest of this entry »

Nan Akasha: Wealthy Women

Nan has begun a Women's Prosperity Movement. She is so passionate about curing the #1 dis-ease on the planet: poverty! And she knows women are most affected by this. She is starting a 6 month program for women called Enlightened Wealthy Women. Read the rest of this entry »
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