Energy Perspectives

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These events are all about the “Energy Perspective” on any given topic and flow from month to month, with each theme leading to the next, with homework assigned.

Community Call

Next Event: TBA ~ To resume after the summer

Topic: TBA

  • Estimated Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost:
    • 2011 Monthly *Live* = Pay it Forward (FREE)
    • Keep the Monthly call as a .mp3 audio file = $7 USD (In the store)
    • 2010 Set with Bonus pdf download = $77 USD (In the store)
  • Format: Via phone or audio webcast

7 Responses to “Energy Perspectives”

  • Janet McGregor:

    I’m sorry I missed the Currency presentation. I received an email that it would be available as a replay for 48 hours but at mid-day Aug. 6, it is unavailable. Perhaps there are so many changes going on that I am not understanding how things currently work!

    • admin:

      Thanks for your comment, Janet.

      The Soul Sight Services Monthly Tel-Event calls with Barbara Watson are only available free live. After the live call, they are posted as an item for purchase.

      You might be thinking of the SSS sponsored Layers of Health calls that are always available free at their broadcast time (whether live or an encore) and for 48 hours afterward.

      You are absolutely welcome to listen in to any of the available free calls and I’m glad that you are interested in attending.
      Warm regards, Nina

  • Leah:

    Sounds great, will be there – but I would love to know (as others might too on the east coast) in your email notices of your online events what time it is for us in EST – thanks so much!

    So I will be there at 8pm EST…

    • admin:

      Dear Leah,
      Thanks for your note and for posting the time in the Eastern timezone!
      I used to post Pacific, Central & Eastern, too… but then I would get inquiries about what it was in the UTC or GMT and with listeners from Australia to Europe and elsewhere, it became too complex to try to translate it for everyone. On my Layers of Health site, I posted a link to a timezone converter, but based on your comment, I think posting it here too is a good idea!
      Cheers and we’ll see you on the calls! Nina

  • fatima:

    Wow,my first listening in, I really enjoyed it, it brought home the message of being present with the gratification of just enjoying each moment that is there. Living and playing the game of life full out on the court.

  • Thank you Nina for your offerings as we make our way back home to true spirit. Thank you to your guest tonight, she truly speaks from the heart. God bless you both as you continue to give so much.

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